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Afrivet Zambia imports a full range of livestock items, with field staff available throughout the country to give technical advice and after sales service. It is the only registered distributor of Bayer environmental products in Zambia. This company also markets a range of environmental health products for cleaning, disinfection, public health, pest control as well as grain protection and malaria vector control. It has a large warehouse ensuring a consistent supply of goods.

Animal health products

Afrivet Zambia markets high quality, environmentally friendly ectoparasiticides (dips and sprays), endoparasiticides (dewormers), anti-microbials, biologicals, dairy hygiene, feed enhancers and a host of stock remedies. They offer products for treatment of horses, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.
Speedy order delivery to customers throughout the country
Various dewormers, dips and sprays for animals
Dairy hygiene products
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Equipment - Allflex Ear Tag - OVM/OVF - Sheep image
Recommended for sheep Small visual area – 52mm x 17mm Printing available, 1 line only up to 10 characters Best paired with: Sheep Male Recommended applicators: Universal Total Tagger, Flip Pin Applicator Colours Available: Purple Green Pink Blue White Orange Red Yellow
Spraying Equipment - Hudson Pump Spares Kit image
Contains lots of parts, most of which are gaskets, the parts to repair "Hudson" sprayer
Detergents/Sanitizers - Microl image
Disinfectants kill or inactivate microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. Disinfectant is most often used in addition to a detergent; it's used to disinfect a given area.

Environmental health care

Afrivet is the sole distributor of the Ecomed International range of environmental health products, including high quality, environmentally friendly detergents, sanitisers, insecticides and spraying equipment. The company has invested in extensive warehousing to ensure it consistently meets customer needs throughout the country.
Products registered with the Environmental Council of Zambia
Locally based, with international experts available to help
Products in agri outlets, pharmacies and supermarkets
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Ecoterex image
Ecoterex controls FALL ARMYWORM and STALKBORER. Cost-effective application rate is 4kg per ha. The Application needs no spraying equipment – use hands with a glove or shaker. Ecoterex applied at any stage of the crop before tasseling. 3 modes of action and 2 active ingredients for resistance management. For good Integrated Pest Management (IPM) use Ecoterex 0.5 GR.
Domino Cockroach Ant Gel image
Domino Gel Bait is a scientifically tested ready to use gel bait to control all common species of cockroaches including American, Oriental and German and their nymphs. Ant and cockroach gel baits contain the same active ingredients. These pesticides are also effective against ant colonies. The gels are placed along ant trails and other areas that are infested with ants. The ants eat the gel, then take it back to the nest to share, spreading the pesticide through the entire colony.
Termite Control - Premise image
A suspension concentrate insecticide for the control of ants and the protection of buildings against subterranean wood destroying termites.

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