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Alfa School

Lusaka, Zambia
Primary schools
Secondary schools
Founded on high moral values, Alfa School is a private school offering quality pre-school and primary school education to Zambians and foreign nationals. The school provides an integrated Zambian curriculum within an academic year running from January to December. Alfa School believes every child has the ability to excel and prepares children mentally and physically for high grades. The school has over 10 years of experience in the education sector, with 100% pass mark in grade seven examinations.


This pre-school believes that the first five years of a child's life lays in the foundation for their future. Alfa School offers high quality child care, with the happiness and safety of its pupils as paramount. It follows the Early Years Foundation Stage, which supports all aspects of a child's learning and development.

Alfa School believes that children learn through play and tailored activities that suit their individual needs. It has an outdoor area for its pupils to explore and play and an altogether stimulating environment to stimulate their minds. The aim is to give each child a good start in life to encourage the development of their confidence, independence, knowledge and understanding as they transition to primary school.

Alfa School · Pre-school

Primary school

Alfa School offers high quality primary education in a safe and secure environment. Subjects covered include English, Science, Social studies, Mathematics, Religious Education, Home Economics, Handwriting and Creative activities. This primary school also offers French and Computer lessons as extra-curricular activities.

Alfa School has modern facilities that include a laboratory, computer lab and library. The school prides itself in its caring, happy atmosphere and the high standards it achieves in all areas of the curriculum.

School library

The library is an easily accessible area set apart from classrooms, with a friendly atmosphere, modern furniture and a wide selection of books chosen to help pupils develop a lifelong love of reading. The library is well stocked and maintained by a librarian, literacy coordinators and class teachers.

Sports activities

In an effort to develop a complete child, Alfa School offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports. Pupils are allowed to choose a club and game of their choice. Activities offered include volleyball, netball, soccer, drama, chess and swimming.

Alfa Primary School – Clubs

  • French
  • English
  • Drama
  • JETS
  • Art
  • Music
  • Chess
  • Maths
  • Scrabble
  • Scripture Union
Primary school
Alfa School · Primary school

Secondary school

Alfa School provides a challenging and engaging education. The school is committed to using the best teaching and learning methods to enable each student to reach their full academic and social potential. Their curriculum is designed to prepare students for post-secondary institutions and to obtain marketable skills.

Since its inception, Alfa School has been making every effort to provide quality secondary school education to its students. The school has outstanding academic, extra-curricular and sports programmes. Alfa School offers students and parents choice and innovation in education. With its unique curriculum and committed staff, Alfa School guides its young learners by focusing on the head (academic), heart (social, artistic) and hand (craft).

Secondary school
Alfa School · Secondary school
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