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Bimeda Zambia Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Animal health products
Veterinary services
Bimeda Zambia is a manufacturer and marketer of an extensive range of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products. Its wide portfolio includes products for the prevention and treatment of disease in cattle, poultry and horses, with a specific focus on parasite control, cattle fertility, nutrition, cattle production, poultry production and equine health. Bimeda is committed to providing a comprehensive, customer-driven service and selling consistently high-quality products at a market-conscious price level.

Animal health products

Bimeda Zambia is one of the country's leading suppliers of animal health products, and is committed to optimising the health, fertility and productivity of the country's livestock. The company offers a wide product portfolio, which includes vaccines, anti-parasitics, fertility drugs, anti-infectives and antibiotics.

Bimeda Zambia's broad product range is complemented by its experienced and dedicated commercial and technical team, who are committed to delivering products and services which optimise the health of Zambian livestock. Bimeda Zambia is also committed to supporting its customers. With an experienced team, it is able to provide quality drugs and vaccines.

Bimeda Zambia is constantly seeking better ways of how to address the various challenges faced by veterinarians and livestock farmers. Bimeda Zambia's animal and healthcare products have set an industry standard and are widely used to prevent or treat a diverse range of conditions.

Animal health products
Bimeda Zambia Ltd · Animal health products

Veterinary services

Bimeda Zambia is renowned for its high quality veterinary pharmaceuticals. It is a global operation, with seven manufacturing facilities and five R&D facilities across four continents. Zambian animal health professionals can therefore be assured that these products have been developed to the highest international quality standards.

Bimeda Zambia develops, produces and markets a wide array of veterinary pharmaceuticals for veterinarians and animal owners. All products offered are designed to enhance and safeguard the health status of livestock. This ensures that those in the intensive livestock industry can run efficiently and effectively, while living up to the highest standards regarding safety, quality and effectiveness.

As one of the leading veterinary pharmaceutical suppliers in Zambia, this company has created a strong veterinary pharmaceutical platform with a robust track record in research and development. The company is continuously expanding its product range based on the ever changing needs of its customers. Additionally, products are continuously being developed to meet the future needs of Zambia's animal health professionals.

Veterinary services
Bimeda Zambia Ltd · Veterinary services
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