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BlackGold Insurance Brokers

Lusaka, Zambia
Personal general insurance
Business general Insurance
BlackGold Insurance Brokers was formed because there were only a few robust international insurance firms in the Zambian market to provide brokerage services. The company's mission is to ensure that its clients are served effectively and efficiently using global expertise. It offers a wide range of general insurance policies, giving you security in both your personal and business life. You need not fear the financial costs of unexpected events, because BlackGold brings insurance right to your doorstep.

Personal general insurance

BlackGold Insurance Brokers provides personal general insurance policies across a broad spectrum. The company's insurance professionals personally examine their clients' needs to create the most suitable package at an affordable rate. BlackGold offers property, motor and personal life cover insurance policies.

Property or asset insurance This policy covers houses and furniture from physical threats, including fire, flood, theft and malicious damage. BlackGold Insurance Brokers will bear the cost of repairing or replacing lost or damaged properties. Motor insurance BlackGold Insurance Brokers covers motor vehicles from damage or theft, as well as damage or injury caused during driving. Currently, the company offers the following:

  • Comprehensive insurance – covers a client for third-party fire and theft plus accidental damage to their motor vehicle. The cost of this policy is calculated by considering certain factors such as the driver's profile (age, driving experience and driving history) and the vehicle's profile (type, use, engine size and value).
  • Third-party insurance – as required by law, this is a basic cover that only covers the client for the cost of injury to another person or damage to another vehicle or third-party property. It does not cover the client's vehicle.

Life insurance

  • Personal life cover This policy ensures that the family or dependants of a client are financially secure after their death. The company's experienced professionals closely work with clients to allow them to choose the amount of cover they need and how it should be paid out.
  • Travel insurance This policy covers medical costs, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accidents and other losses suffered while travelling, either internationally or locally. Travel insurance can be arranged when you are booking a trip. Clients can also arrange cover for an unlimited number of trips within an agreed time frame.
  • Medical insurance This insures against the risk of incurring expenses from any health issues that might arise for you and your family. BlackGold Insurance Brokers develops a routine finance structure in the form of a monthly premium so that money is available to pay for the health care benefits specified in the insurance package.

Other branch Unit one and two, Lyness house Freedom avenue park 793 Kitwe, Zambia

Personal general insurance
BlackGold Insurance Brokers · Personal general insurance

Business general Insurance

BlackGold Insurance Brokers offers a wide selection of business general insurance packages that are designed to protect businesses, small or large, from the day-to-day uncertainties of running a company. Since accidents may happen to employees or customers, this cover is vital regardless of the type of business.

BlackGold Insurance Brokers offers the following business insurance packages: Property or asset Property or asset insurance covers a business' physical assets including buildings and the contents inside against unforeseen circumstances such as fire, storms and theft. This policy also covers loss of income or increases in expenditures that result from property damage. Motor insurance BlackGold Insurance Brokers provides cover for a single car or a fleet of vehicles, insuring businesses against accidents, damage or theft. The company also offers coverage for the liability when motor vehicles are involved in an accident. Both comprehensive and third-party policies are available. Liability insurance Business liability insurance provides cover for businesses and employees from claims involving bodily injury or property damage. This policy shields businesses from:

  • Claims of bodily injury or property damages resulting from accidents on a business' premises or from their products.
  • Damages filed against a business when suing or being sued. This policy covers a business' investigation and attorney costs, settlements and medical expenses in case of injury.
  • Cover against unpredictable events such as advertising injury after violating someone's patent.

Agricultural insurance This policy is ideal for small and large scale farmers, and is designed to protect them against loss of their crops or livestock due to natural disasters and disease, as well as loss of income due to declines in the prices of agricultural commodities. Marine insurance BlackGold Insurance Brokers also has marine insurance services that are tailored to provide solutions for various types of risks. This policy covers the loss or damage of vessels, cargo, and terminals. Stock insurance BlackGold Insurance Brokers provides cover for stock and equipment against theft or damage. This policy is ideal for traders because loss or damage to stock ad equipment can harm a business' productivity and therefore damage. Plant and machinery insurance This is cover against loss or damage to a business' plant and machinery during operation or maintenance. BlackGold covers risks from fire, lightning and associated hazards, riots, strikes, malicious damage, transit risks, theft, burglary, collision, impact and collapse. This policy is ideal for machinery owners, contractors, banks and financial Institutions. Money insurance Cover for loss of money in transit between a client's premises, bank or any other specified place against robbery, theft or any other unexpected cause. Money insurance also covers against loss by burglary or housebreaking whilst cash is retained at a client's premises in a safe or strong room. Contractors all risk At any construction site, there is a risk of loss, damage or injury. The company's 'Contractors All Risk' insurance policy protects contractors and employers against these costs. The cover can be extended to include constructional plants as part of the policy. Performance bonds Mostly used in the construction industry, this policy covers a client against the risk of a contractor failing to fulfil contractual obligations. These bonds provide compensation by a third party up to the amount of the performance bond. This payment enables a client to handle the difficulties brought on by the failure of the contractor to complete a project and can also be used to find another contractor to complete the works. Group life assurance Offered by an employer, this policy covers a group of employees and is designed to help reduce the problem of adverse selection by creating a pool of employees eligible to purchase insurance, allowing protection for those individuals who might be worse than the average risk. Group life insurance can also offer life, health, and other types of personal insurance. Group funeral insurance The policy is designed to lessen funeral expenses incurred by employers or organisations in the event of death of their employees or members. Group funeral insurance covers the employee, spouse and up to four children or dependants. To access competitive group rates, an employer can, at his or her own expense, cover his or her parents and the parents of his or her spouse under this scheme. Other branch Unit one and two, Lyness house Freedom avenue park 793 Kitwe, Zambia

Business general Insurance
BlackGold Insurance Brokers · Business general Insurance
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