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Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Recruitment and Training
Payroll and HR services
Jobs agencies
A consulting firm that is focused on offering the best human resource solutions to the business community. Services offered include recruitment and selection, training and development, organisational transformation, as well as research and strategic information. With a team of qualified and experienced professionals, Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy - BEMCONSULT is able to offer a superior service.

Recruitment and Training

Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy - BEMCONSULT is a recruitment and training company that provides a professional and flexible service to employers across various sectors. Their programmes are designed to provide excellence in job execution, ensuring dramatic improvement in an organisation's performance and that of staff.

With a wide selection of programmes, Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy - BEMCONSULT is a recruitment and training company that is committed to meeting the needs of employers looking to recruit and train their staff. Their training programmes constantly evolves to meet new business challenges.

Services offered

Recruitment and selection

This is a time-consuming process that distracts organisations from what they do best. BEMCONSULT helps move the hiring process along quickly because it has access to the top talent in the job seeking field. This company’s recruitment and selection service outweighs the costs, especially when it comes to finding the perfect candidates to satisfactorily fill up vacancies.

With a team of highly trained and experienced consultants, BEMCONSULT is able to target and identify the best fit candidates for the job. The company has developed a high degree of expertise in fulfilling permanent /contractual positions for their clients. All selected candidates are thoroughly pre-screened to ensure that they possess the skill and aptitude which an organisation is looking for. Candidates range from junior level, mid-level and senior management.

Executive recruitment

BEMCONSULT specialises in identifying, attracting and hiring professionals to critical positions with companies across Zambia. The company is not driven by previously-defined processes and predictable solutions, but by listening to its clients’ needs and working together to chart, then navigate the wisest course.

BEMCONSULT targets and headhunts by specific industries to ensure that quality candidates are not missed out. Their vigorous research and selection process ensures that they only target the best candidates and conduct reference checks on the shortlisted candidates. The company’s experienced recruitment consultants just need a thorough understanding of the job requirement and they will ensure to deliver the best fit candidates.

Temporary assignments

Temporal staffing has long been the best solution for businesses that need extra manpower to cope during busy business cycles, specific project-based, long staff absenteeism or head-count constraint. Looking for a permanent hire can take time so it can be helpful to hire a temp to get the job done so that there is minimal interruption in the flow of work. BEMCONSULT has a stable pool of potential workers when a client needs someone to work for them temporarily.

Under this division, BEMCONSULT also offers the following services:

  • Aptitude test (preparing and administering)
  • Psychometric assessments using paper based and virtual assessment tools
  • Background and references checks
  • Response management
  • Candidate screening
  • Shortlisting services
  • Conducting interviews
  • Job adverts designing and facilitation of booking in the print media

Training and development

BEMCONSULT develops successful leaders and effective organisations through relevant, innovative and effective training and professional development programmes. The company helps department heads and training departments to develop and deliver relevant and effective training and professional development programmes.

BEMCONSULT helps its clients to manage tight training budgets and offer real value for money offering them in-house or tailored training solutions that are delivered as part of an annual strategic training programme, a series of activities or as a unique event.

This company has developed high quality short and long term courses that are professionally designed to assist organisation in building the right quality of people to take on the challenge of this competitive business environment. BEMCONSULT has also built strategic partnerships with specialised trainers in various fields to assist in bringing knowledge to its business and employees.

Recruitment and Training
Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy Ltd · Recruitment and Training

Payroll and HR services

Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy - BEMCONSULT offers complete HR support solutions to businesses. The company specialises in assessing, developing and delivering personalised solutions that drive positive change, enabling their clients to achieve their goals.

Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy - BEMCONSULT has worked with an extensive variety of industries and enjoys managing all aspects of human resources. The company takes great pride in creating and delivering innovative solutions for its clients.

With a team of seasoned professionals, BEMCONSULT provides a hands-on and practical experience in various areas of HR to help its clients grow and fulfil their professional dreams.

HR services

Organisational transformation

  • Human Resource outsourcing services
  • Employment contract designing
  • Facilitation of employment contract attestation by labour office
  • Remuneration structure and policy design
  • Provision of Labour Law advisory services
  • Succession planning
  • Work study and work measurement
  • Manpower requirements definition
  • Organisational design and workforce planning
  • HR strategy development facilitation
  • HR Audits
  • Establishment of strategy management units
  • Restructuring and job evaluation
  • Competency framework design and implementation
  • Competency and skills audits
  • Design and implementation of BSC and RBM performance management systems
  • Design and implementation of change management frameworks
  • Business process mapping and procedures documentation
  • Design and implementation of integrated talent management frameworks
  • Design and implementation of employee value propositions (EVPS)
  • Development of conditions of service
  • Business process improvement
  • Organisational culture, climate and engagement surveys
  • Strategy facilitation

Research and strategic information services

  • National market and sector specific remuneration surveys
  • Non-Executive Directors remuneration surveys
  • Employee attitude surveys
  • Baseline surveys
  • Industry competitive analysis surveys
  • Staff satisfaction surveys

BEMCONSULT’s array of services are tailor designed and positioned carefully: they are of extremely high quality, relevant, timely and accurate and are tailored to the clients’ needs. These services make it possible for their clients to gather an ideal mix of human resources for their organisations.

Payroll and HR services
Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy Ltd · Payroll and HR services

Jobs agencies

Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy Ltd - BEMCONSULT has created an online platform that gives jobs seekers an opportunity to apply for employment. Employers can contact this company to initiate a recruitment process in the presentation of potential candidates. A placement fee is raised on successful job offer.

Alternatively, employers can simply advertise the vacancy and receive direct applications from potential candidates. No placement fee is raised, but a small payment is required to activate the job advert. In addition, employers will need to sign-up first before they can upload their vacancy.

Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy - BEMCONSULT is one of the leading jobs agencies in the country. This platform is used by many companies for the recruitment of qualified staff. The company has engaged search technologies to conduct an audit and assessment of their search and match platform. BEMCONSULT focuses on helping companies find the very best talent.

Jobs agencies
Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy Ltd · Jobs agencies
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