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Buloz Fashion House

Lusaka, Zambia
Clothing and Accessories
Skills training
Buloz Fashion House is a fashion design company for the vibrant and funky at heart. The company was established by Betty Bulongo Chilonde to provide specially tailor made suits, custom shirts, women's suits, blazers, formal wear, uniforms and overalls. Customers range from diplomats to business leaders and professionals to civil servants. With a constant eye on quality and innovation, the company creates men's and women's clothing that are tailor-made to fit their exact measurements. All products are made from recycled and eco-friendly materials.

Clothing and Accessories

Buloz Fashion House has a wide range of styles including classic single-breasted business and designer suits for men, ultra-long skirt and pant suits for women, elegant formal work wear, custom made dress shirts as well as graduation and wedding gowns. Buloz Fashion House can also design matching outfits for the family for any occasion.

Buloz Fashion House maintains high quality products by giving quality customer service. With a team of highly skilled and experienced tailors that cater for custom made clothing. The company controls all aspects of construction and quality to achieve an extremely high degree of consistently top class workmanship.

As designers, Buloz offers custom made clothing to address specific religious requirements. The strict quality control mechanisms during production ensure true quality.

Buloz Fashion House also has a clothing line known as Bulongo Clothing which the company uses as a brand. The fabrics range from pure cottons and linens to real cashmere, super wools and luxury silks for men's and women's suits. Custom shirts are made in cottons such as oxfords, broadcloth, twill, egyptian, sea island, pinpoints and more in a range of designs and colours to suit every taste and occasion.

Recycled fabric and accessories

Buloz Fashion House makes premium quality recycled fabrics and yarns. The company makes unique bags, dresses, tops, and more. Its products are entirely made out of recycled textile waste and offer the consumer the same quality and comfort as those made out of virgin materials. Buloz Fashion House also create beautiful accessories from recycled textiles.

Clothing and Accessories
Buloz Fashion House · Clothing and Accessories


UNDER DEVELOPMENT///Buloz Fashion House manufactures school and company uniforms. Using state-of-art machinery, this company is able to handle complex designs and produce products in large quantities with quick turn-around. Buloz Fashion House promises to produce uniforms that make your company or school stand out among your competition.

Count on Buloz Fashion House for all uniform needs. Their production facilities utilise up-to-date equipment and technology from design to manufacture. This company pays attention to detail in every aspect of production and ensures each product passes their quality control process. Buloz Fashion House's goal is to manufacture high quality products that are delivered accurately and consistently.

Buloz Fashion House offers a wide selection of solutions and high-tech fabrics for school and company uniforms. Their long and successful experience in uniform and work wear production makes Buloz more helpful for their clients in various industries.

Buloz Fashion House · Uniforms

Skills training

Buloz Fashion House has a team of professionals that teach courses on clothing manufacturing, machine and sewing skills, pattern drafting, garment cutting, garment assembly, dressmaking, fabric, design development, illustration and working drawings, flat drawing, block making, layering and cutting of fabrics.

Buloz Fashion House are professionals with extensive education and experience not only in garment construction, pattern drafting and fitting but also in the education field. They are all currently active in the fashion industry and therefore are able to provide current and relevant career training.

Buloz Fashion House seeks to provide:

  • High level professional fashion illustration
  • Flat pattern drawing/art to primary and secondary school students
  • Mentorship for budding aspiring artists and cultural groups
  • Commercial apparel manufacturing skills and techniques
  • Art business entrepreneurship
  • Information on careers in and related to textile and creative industry, research lab on various types of art, culture and their influence on modern day fashion design and textile compositions as well as way of living
  • Short enhancer practical courses including financial Literacy, branding, crystal bead making, leather handmade bags, fashion photography as a means of preserving art and culture.
  • A networking environment for local and foreign artists/designers for the purpose of collaborations and sharing ideas
  • Market exposure
  • Art/Fashion business start-up – mentorship
Skills training
Buloz Fashion House · Skills training
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