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Envisio Business Consultants

Lusaka, Zambia
Business consultants
Payroll and HR services
Auditors and Tax
Envisio Business Consultants specialises in professional accounting, taxation, financial reporting, payroll, HR and business advisory services. Their client base is composed of small and medium sized enterprises and large corporations. The company is registered with Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) and Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). Their team of staff have the experience to meet the expectations across private and public sectors.

Business consultants

Whether you are just starting out in business, looking to growing or just need efficient accounting services, Envisio Business Consultants provides professional services to help its clients achieve their financial goals. The qualified team of staff have the experience to meet the expectations across private and public sectors.

Accounting and Financial reporting

The regular recording of your company and financial transactions is the foundation upon which the elements of their services are based. Envisio Business Consultants will prepare financial statements that are truly compliant with international financial reporting standards ('IFRS') and the Companies Act of Zambia. The company also help the client adopt policies and accounting procedures that will ensure accurate measurement of business performance.

Business advisory services

Recent regulatory enactments have altered the corporate governance landscape. Organizations are held accountable for accuracy and integrity in their business operations, and they must have effective and reliable governance and compliance procedures in place. Envisio Business Consultants helps companies:

  • Understand and comply with regulatory requirements
  • Implement the right corporate governance framework in regard to these regulations
  • Establish appropriate compliance practices

The advisory services include:

Internal audit – Assess your control environment and safeguard business assets and processes, including those that protect data and IT systems.

Governance and regulatory compliance – Review and assess your regulatory compliance processes, assess the regulatory concerns and recommend the necessary improvements required to successfully satisfy regulatory mandates.

Fraud assessment and controls – Evaluate fraud risk factors at businesses and significant account level, determine if controls exist to mitigate and are effective.

Due Diligence – The experienced professionals understand the issues of merger and acquisition transactions the team identify opportunities and exposures with the goal of maximizing value received for the price paid.

Taxation - Bespoke preparation of tax returns for individuals and businesses. The company's main objective is to provide the highest level of professional services in assisting its clients to save on taxes by maximising all allowable deductions and credits that they can legally claim.

Envisio Business Consultants client list

  • Clear Channel Independent Zambia
  • Trendsline Ltd
  • TechNet Ltd
  • Football Association of Zambia
Business consultants
Envisio Business Consultants · Business consultants

Payroll and HR services

Designed to remove the stress employers go through making time-consuming efforts associated with payroll and HR, Envisio Business Consultants offers a comprehensive range of administration services. The company is committed to providing prompt, reliable and cost effective solutions.

Small to medium size businesses are faced with the obligation towards its employees, to deal with the varied items of legislation that control the workplace. A short and incomplete list of legislation governing the employment of people in Zambia follows: Income Tax Acts and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) regulations, health and safety at work and minimum wage regulations.

Instead of management devoting so much time and resources to administer personnel and payroll, Envisio Business Consultants manages these functions for them. In particular the monthly payment of the employees will require the calculation not only of the gross pay due to them for the period concerned, but also the calculation of deductions of PAYE and NAPSA which can be a laborious task for the unskilled.

HR Services services offered by Envisio Business Consultants

  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Contract drafting
  • Job evaluation
  • Salary surveys
Payroll and HR services
Envisio Business Consultants · Payroll and HR services

Auditors and Tax

Envisio Business Consultants offers professional internal auditing and taxation services. The company is highly committed in maintaining the highest standards of integrity in its relationship with its clients. Envisio Business Consultants represents a wide variety of clients, from individuals to small and large businesses.

Internal audit services

With a team of highly skilled auditors, this company provides a wide selection of internal auditing solutions that are tailored to help its clients reduce costs and improve efficiency. Envisio Business Consultants brings the required skills, experience and capacity to handle its clients' entire internal audit functions.


Business owners or directors work hard to create profit from the businesses they should not throw it away by paying more tax than is due. Envisio Business Consultants will provide the following taxation services:

  • Income tax computations and submission of annual tax returns
  • Preparation of VAT returns to ZRA
  • Tax planning services

The company guides its clients through the maze of taxation legislation to ensure the very best results.

Auditors and Tax
Envisio Business Consultants · Auditors and Tax
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