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Eqstra Zambia Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Fleet management
Eqstra Zambia is a branch of Eqstra Fleet Management, a South African company with over 29 years experience. It is a professional fleet management company that prides itself on delivering exceptional value and offering customers integrated fleet solutions proven to save time and money, and keep your fleet active. Their range of solutions are designed to actively manage different types of vehicles efficiently. Eqstra has branches in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, South Africa, Nigeria and Zambia.

Fleet management

Eqstra Zambia specialises in providing fleet solutions including risk and tracking solutions, fleet consulting and re-marketing of your vehicle. Their team consists of the knowledgeable and responsive experts that are able to help design a comprehensive program for your fleet.

Fleet consulting

Eqstra provides comprehensive consulting services that provides clients with a comprehensive review of their core fleet cost and efficiency gains. The consulting team provides clients with unbiased advice for an efficient and productive fleet including fleet tax and finance options, fleet operations.

Risk solutions

Eqstra provides a wide range of risk solutions including comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance, driver management and driver training to help clients manage various risks faced in fleet operations. The company offers driver training and management programs designed to positively change driver behavior which in turn significantly reduces fuel, maintenance and accident repair costs.

Tracking solutions

With a user-friendly fleet reporting software, their modern GPS tracking solutions allows them to provide accurate information on fleet and enables its customers to monitor, track and manage their fleet with real-time information. Eqstra is also able to monitor and provide the following:

  • Speed governing
  • Governing per speed zone
  • Driver identification: biometrics
  • Automated bureau
  • Driver scorecard
  • Engine protection
  • Driver reporting
  • GPS fleet
  • GPS recovery
  • SARS approved log book

Remarketing services

Operation rental – This solution is designed for companies who need vehicles to operate their business but don't want to place an unnecessary burden on their asset base.

Buying and selling of your vehicle – Eqstra helps clients choose the right vehicle to suit your budget, it handles the title and tax administration. When it comes to selling your vehicle it offers clients with an upfront payment a minimal fee is charged. Terms and condition apply.

Risk and profit – Eqstra Fleet Management buy and sell the vehicle from the customer, sharing the risk of the resale and profit.

Safe drive – Deals with the status of customers vehicles during the transfer and collection process, focusing on: condition reporting, vehicle collection and vehicle transfers.

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Fleet management
Eqstra Zambia Ltd · Fleet management
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