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Formex General Dealers Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Roofing materials
Metal fabrication and parts
With its own factory in Zambia, this company manufactures and distributes a wide range of steel products including flat sheets, deformed bars and angle irons. Formex General Dealers also manufactures a variety of roofing sheets and tiles, as well as different types of nuts and bolts, screws, rivets, stainless steel fasteners, and other prime industrial fasteners in both standard and metric sizes. Formex can supply small or large volumes, for both individuals and companies.


Formex General Dealers manufactures a range of steel products that conform to international standards. These include deformed bars, round bars, flat bars, square bars, square tubes, rectangular tubes, round tubes, angle irons, U-channels, lipped channels and flat sheets.

Formex General Dealers has established itself as a quality manufacturer of structural steel products in Zambia. With its large inventory, the company has the bulk of items in stock in sufficient volume for most needs. Formex has a team of knowledgeable staff to advise you on the different products and their suitability for your project. The company can supply everything from builders' steel to steel construction beams.

Security fencing

Formex General Dealers is one of the biggest distributors of superior quality high and medium security fencing systems for industrial use. Their variety includes welded and diamond mesh, chain link and palisade fences. All their products are of good quality, tough and heavy duty.

Formex General Dealers stock a variety of high and medium security fencing systems which include clear-view type steel fencing - these fences are difficult to climb or cut. The company also supplies quality high and medium security mesh fencing. All products offered are cut to customer specifications.

High security mesh fencing

The high security mesh fencing systems gives maximum see-through view whilst also providing a strong perimeter barrier which is difficult to cut or climb. 2400 mm high panels are standard and are 100% secured by a locking flange holding all vertical and horizontal wire rods in place.

Medium security mesh fencing

This is a strong, see-through fencing system designed to offer a combination of security and aesthetics.


  • Tough 4mm welded mesh panel
  • Powder coated and hot dipped galvanized
  • 2400 mm high panels are standard and are bolted to robust posts making this a quick and economical fence
Formex General Dealers Ltd · Steel

Roofing materials

With up-to-date machinery, Formex General Dealers manufactures a full range of roofing sheets. It supplies IBR (IT4 and IT5), corrugated sheets, tiles, ridges and guttering. The company is confident of the high standard of its roofing sheets and their ability to withstand different weather conditions.

Formex General Dealers is committed to customer satisfaction. The company sources its raw materials from reputable steel producers and places emphasis on quality control to maintain its standards. It aims to provide its customers with real, long term value for money. Formex is happy to supply both individual house builders and large projects.

Formex is one of Zambia's largest and most established privately owned company dealing in roofing profiles, steel and fasteners. Formex has a wide selection of roofing sheets for the Zambian residential and commercial construction markets - corrugated, IBR, wide span as well as sand coated metal roofing tiles.

With two branches in Lusaka, Formex General Dealers' commitment to their clients is backed by a solid manufacturing track record and warranties for their roofing products, providing a high level of satisfaction and peace of mind.

Roofing materials
Formex General Dealers Ltd · Roofing materials

Metal fabrication and parts

Formex General Dealers is a leading manufacturer and distributor in Zambia of nuts, bolts, screws, threaded bars and rivets. Its range of bolts include metric course bolts, fine threads bolts and UNC/UNF bolts. The company supplies counter sunk screws, Allen cap screws, self-drilling screws, chipboard screws and wood screws.

Formex General Dealers is a one stop shop for high quality nuts, bolts and fasteners to both companies and individuals in Zambia. The company maintains an extensive inventory in a wide variety of sizes and materials, tested and certified to meet international standards.

Formex General Dealers products

  • Metric course bolts
  • Fine threads bolts
  • UNC/UNF bolts
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Rawl bolts
  • Gutter bolts
  • Anchor sleeve bolts
  • Centre bolts
  • Counter sunk screws
  • Allen cap screws
  • Self-drilling screws
  • Chipboard screws
  • Wood screws
  • Threaded bars
  • Rivets
Metal fabrication and parts
Formex General Dealers Ltd · Metal fabrication and parts
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