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Id Solar Solutions

Lusaka, Zambia
Solar and Renewable
Energy consultants
Skills training
Established in 2011, this company supplies, installs and maintains solar systems and power backup systems for residential and commercial buildings. Id Solar Solutions has a team of professionally trained staff who provide high quality renewable energy solutions to suit your budget and needs. The company also supplies quality solar PV components and energy efficient appliances. Id Solar Solutions prides itself in delivering detailed designs and professional installations.

Solar and Renewable

Id Solar Solutions provides clients with quality and reliable power solutions at an affordable price. The company's range of products includes solar photo-voltaic (hybrid) power systems, power backup systems, solar PV water pumping solutions, solar PV refrigeration solutions and energy efficient appliances.

Agriculture Solar water pumps Id Solar Solutions supplies a wide range of surface and submersible pumps that can pump water between 10 and 250 m and supply 1,000 to 100,000 liters per day.

Farmers in Zambia face the challenge of unreliable rainfall which results in low crop yields. The solar water pumps offer a solution to this challenge and can be combined with a drip irrigation system to feed your crops all year round. Using this combination of irrigation and pumping systems enhances your opportunity to grow your farm in a clean, self-sustaining way.

Chicken run By means of an easy, low cost, self-installed system such as the standard plug and play solar system, you can power your poultry house. Id Solar Solutions offers these kits with lights which will keep your chicken runs well-lit. The company offers stoves that can be charged with the standard and advanced systems and used to keep the chickens warm so they can stay healthy and grow.

Id Solar Solutions' standard systems can easily power a 12m x 6m run (72 m2). For larger requirements, this company has the advanced plug and play solar system which has a higher electrical output to expand your production.

Large businesses Id Solar Solutions provides top-quality, durable technology designed specifically to the needs of your business. Switching to an off-grid or hybrid power system secures your business clean reliable energy meaning you will never be impeded by energy fluctuations, such as load shedding.

Hybrid systems allow you to use a combination of solar power and supplementary grid or generator power, ensuring you will always have a backup system during power shortages.

Small business opportunities As a growing business, Id Solar Solutions knows that in the early stages, it is vital that you have the correct infrastructure to allow operations to run smoothly. This is why the company offers affordable solutions so you can sustain yourself through the difficult growth period.

Using their standard or advanced plug and play solar systems you can power your enterprise, or become an entrepreneur using their packaged solutions for setting up a barber shop or mobile charging business.

Education Id Solar Solutions' role is to provide high quality solar solutions that can supply reliable power to schools. The company works with several organisations in the education sector, from the government to community scale NGOs. Id Solar Solutions' affordable plug and play solar systems can power light and charge laptops, tablets and phones.

Their custom designed larger systems can power LED projectors, computers and internet routers, as well as light up classrooms and offices. So far, Id Solar Solutions have installed their custom designed larger systems in over 50 schools.

Health Id Solar Solutions offers a range of systems to support the healthcare industry by providing reliable power and water to healthcare facilities. Using their professionally designed systems, clinics can become power generators by day and continue to be fully operational at night.

Id Solar Solutions provide power for lighting and lifesaving equipment, solar refrigeration to keep essential medication at the right temperature, and solar geysers to provide hot water for comfort and sanitation.

Household Their range of systems are suitable for small-modest household power requirements, with LED lights included, the easily installed system can allow you to light up your home, power small appliances, and continue to chat with your friends with the two USB mobile charging ports.

These affordable systems come in different sizes and can be easily moved and connected to appropriate household accessories. With a built-in battery, the whole system is tailor made to take up minimal space but provide maximum output.

Solar power/hybrid supply systems If your home has higher power requirements, their solar or hybrid solar power supply systems could be right for you. Use the energy from the sun, power appliances and watch your favorite shows.

Solar geysers Hot water geysers are one of the largest drains on electricity in your home. By using direct sunlight to heat your water, it becomes a natural and environmentally friendly way to save money. Id Solar Solutions have solar geysers from 120L-300L to suit your hot water requirements.

Solar refrigeration Keep your consumable products chilled, fresh and safe with the efficient solar powered fridges and freezers Id Solar Solutions offers, with sizes ranging from 50-225 L, visit their showroom to find an ideal refrigeration solution.

Solar maintenance and repair service Id Solar Solutions offers repair and maintenance services for different sectors such as residential, health, education and commercial buildings. The company has a team of qualified in-house technicians available to carry out all types of maintenance and repairs on solar power system.

Solar system installation Id Solar Solutions installers have years of experience in solar system installation. The company provides local training for operators of solar systems and new dealers. Solar panels are typically installed on rooftops and building tops, or as stand-alone facilities.

Installation equipment

  • Solar PV modules
  • Batteries
  • Inverters and inverter/chargers
  • Solar geysers
  • Solar water pumps
  • Solar mounting systems
  • Cabling
  • Solar appliances such as fridges
  • Connectors
  • Pipes
  • Other renewable energy technology products
Solar and Renewable
Id Solar Solutions · Solar and Renewable

Energy consultants

With world class expertise in the latest generation technologies, Id Solar Solutions is committed to helping individuals and organisations develop efficient and effective strategies for renewable energy. The company can work with you to design and install the best solar systems, customised to meet your goals.

Id Solar Solutions is a full service renewable energy consulting firm that offers turn-key advisory, procurement, design and installation services to domestic, commercial, industrial and institutional customers. The company's range of solar solutions are proven to reduce energy expenses and enhance operating efficiency.

Id Solar Solutions aims to provide support and engineering expertise to its clients through their offerings of complete concept to commissioning services. Their team of solar professionals is ready to assist you in achieving your solar energy goals.

Energy consultants
Id Solar Solutions · Energy consultants

Skills training

To maximize the productivity and avoid operating errors of solar systems, Id Solar Solutions offers quality practical and theoretical local training for its clients, sales agents and dealers. Id Solar Solutions has a mission to provide industry-leading technical training and expertise in renewable energy.

Today, solar energy is being used in a wide array of applications. It is for this reason that Id Solar Solutions offers an all-inclusive training for solar off-grid systems. The company will introduce you to solar power systems and installation, including fundamentals, mechanical and electrical design and job site safety.

Skills training
Id Solar Solutions · Skills training
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