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Kango Fisheries & Seafood

Lusaka, Zambia
Processing and Distribution
This fisheries & seafood company specialises in the distribution and wholesale of fish and seafood products. The company prides itself in acquiring and delivering only the best and freshest fish available. The fish is sourced from the rivers and lakes of Zambia as well as from other highly reputable commercial fishing companies.

Processing and Distribution

Fish is sourced from reputable fishing camps based along rivers and lakes such as the kafue river, lake kariba, lake tanganyika, lake mweru and lake Itezhi-tezhi. Great emphasis is placed on quality, freshness and selection so they make every effort to source only the best fish and to deliver the freshest stock.

Located on Kafue Road, in Lusaka's Makeni area, Kango Fisheries & Seafood is a privately owned wholesale and distribution company, part of Kango Trading Limited and one of Zambia's premier fisheries. Kango Fisheries & Seafood has a fully equipped plant, and a team of efficient staff who are able to process, package and deliver products on time and in good condition. The company aims to be one of the most accessible and affordable suppliers of high quality fish and seafood products for the leading supermarkets and stores countrywide.

This company imports seafood and fresh Tilapia from carefully selected commercial fishing companies in Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, India and China.

Fish products include:

  • Buka Buka from Mpulungu
  • Fresh Inchenga from Itezhitezhi
  • Fresh Kapenta from Mpulungu, Kafue River and Siavonga
  • Horse Mackerel and Red Bream
  • Imbowa from Mweru Wantipa
  • Imported Tilapia Fillet Bream
  • Local and Imported Tilapia Bream

Seafood products include:

  • Hake Fillet
  • King Klip Fillet
  • Mixed seafood
  • Prawn meat
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Tiger Prawns

Other products include:

  • Disposable food trays and cups
  • Ice blocks
  • Liquid Sword Dish washing liquid
  • Wrapping cling film

The company is in the process of introducing a pay-after-use scheme for consumers employed in both the public and private sector. This system will allow staff to order products on credit and pay at month end.

Delivery information

Delivery within Lusaka is free for clients who order more than 10kg of any product. All orders made outside Lusaka are delivered overnight during weekdays. Orders received before 10:00 hours are delivered on the same day while orders received after 10:00 hours are delivered the following day.

All fresh fish is delivered in insulated carton or Styrofoam boxes packed with ice, ensuring that it remains fresh when delivered. Overnight delivery charges include the cost of the Styrofoam insulated boxes and ice packs.

The quick turnround and insulation used ensures that all orders arrive as fresh as possible.

Kango Fisheries & Seafood key information:

  • Quality fresh fish and seafood for supermarkets and stores
  • Reputable local and international sources
  • Wide range of fish includes buka buka, inchenga, kapenta, horse mackerel, red bream, imbowa and tilapia bream (both fillets and non-filleted)
  • Wide range of seafood includes hake fillet, king klip fillet, mixed seafood, prawn meat, smoked salmon and tiger prawns
  • Other products on offer include disposable food trays and cups, ice blocks, dish washing liquid and cling film
Processing and Distribution
Kango Fisheries & Seafood · Processing and Distribution
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