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Kukula Capital

Lusaka, Zambia
Business consultants
Corporate finance
Kukula Capital is a leading venture finance and private equity firm that specialises in fund management and advise. With its aim to build a diversified portfolio of investments, this company provides exceptional financial and social returns for investors whilst creating long-term value for the portfolio companies. The firm also manages its two venture funds: Kukula Fund I and Kukula Seed Fund. Through these funds, Kukula Capital invests in businesses that help Zambia grow, supporting them with capital and expertise.


With local and international understanding, Kukula Capital has a strong network that enables them to identify companies with attractive long-term growth prospects and secure a strong deal flow. Kukula Capital was founded in 2009 and is a Joint Venture between Danish and Zambian partners.

Kukula fund 1

Kukula Fund I is a demand-driven investment vehicle designed to finance SMEs in the 'missing middle' of Zambia. The fund is quoted on the Lusaka Stock Exchange; it targets local investors and is issued in the local currency, the Zambian Kwacha.

Kukula Seed Fund

Kukula Seed Fund was established in January 2013. Its purpose is to finance early stage growth investments with particular focus on businesses supplying the mining industry in the North Western province of Zambia. Target companies are start-ups and early stage companies with an investment range of USD 100k to USD 500k. The main types of financing are equity and mezzanine capital.

Kukula Capital · Investment

Business consultants

Through its advisory services, Kukula Capital enables clients to invest alongside the Kukula Fund investments and allows international companies to penetrate the Zambian market. The company helps drive revenue, increase sales and empower business owners to take control of their businesses.

Market Entry

Zambia has continued to be an attractive investment destination for foreign direct investment (FDI). Investors require sufficient intelligence before entering the Zambian market once their entry decision is made, and they require assistance in managing a soft landing. Kukula Capital has facilitated the successful entry of numerous companies from Denmark, South Africa, USA and Canada. Kukula Capital’s market entry advisory services include market studies, market intelligence, partner identification, M&A advice, company set-up and secretarial services.

Regulatory Advisory

Kukula Capital is proficient in advocacy and government relations, guiding investors through the complex socio-political setting of Zambia. It prides itself in having the highest standards of ethics and has a zero tolerance policy to any form of corrupt practices.

Kalula Capital’s vast knowledge of Zambia's regulatory system enables investors in the expedition of government clearance to comply with the relevant statutory institutions. Its experience and competence lie in infrastructure, agriculture, financial services, environmental, tax, labour, immigration, regulatory permits, licences and corporate relationship management with the Zambian Government.

Energy Sector Advisory

The energy sector has enormous potential not only to transform and grow the Zambian economy, but also to generate high returns for investors. The power deficit, along with the increased demand for power, presents a clear opportunity.

Kukula Capital energy sector advisory includes the following:

  • Information Memoranda and Corporate Finance Advisory
  • Concession Acquisition
  • Market Studies/Commercial DD
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • Government Clearances
Business consultants
Kukula Capital · Business consultants

Corporate finance

Kukula Capital has comprehensive corporate finance services in relation to corporate transactions, such as preparation of data room and business valuations. It provides consultancy services for companies seeking equity or debt financing. Those who need initial or extra capital can do no better than this firm.

In addition, Kukula Capital advises on capital budgeting and mergers and acquisitions. Kukula also markets issuance of debt and equity.

Kukula Capital is also a large investor in debt secured by high-quality real estate assets. The company is involved in several real estate projects, sourcing investors and participationg in the construction and management of developments.

Corporate finance
Kukula Capital · Corporate finance
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