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MEC Engineers Consulting Ltd

Solwezi, Zambia
Electrical engineering
Mechanical engineering
Civil engineering
An engineering company that offers project management services in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, consultancy, as well as website development. MEC Engineers Consulting focuses on the relationship with its clients and providing solutions to the problems that they are facing. This company has put together a highly skilled team of engineers who have extensive experience in design, construction and supervision of buildings and road/highway infrastructures. MEC is also a distributor and installer of power generators, transformers and water pumps.

Electrical engineering

MEC Engineers Consulting offers professional electrical engineering services and solutions. The company has a proven track record in designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining a wide selection of electrical systems. MEC focuses on understanding each client’s requirements to provide a system that meets their energy needs.

MEC Engineers Consulting provides a comprehensive range of electrical engineering services covering Zambia and Southern Africa. Their team of engineers has been working in the power generation and distribution industry for many years. Through this time, they have worked with a variety of different manufacturers and types of equipment.

MEC Engineers Consulting strives to provide high quality solutions, to a broad range of customers, which are innovative and cost effective. The company manages projects from concept through to installation, working to the scheduling and budget requirements of its clients.

MEC Engineers Consulting has established itself as a leading provider of complete electrical engineering solutions for power generation, transmission and distribution projects. Since inception, the company have been maintaining a steady growth in the field of electrical engineering.


  • Design, installation, testing and commissioning of overhead transmission lines
  • Wiring of electrical panels
  • Design and installation of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems
  • Design of power systems and installation of lighting systems
  • Process automation and control
  • Systems commissioning
  • Supply of electrical components and tools

Products supplied

MEC Engineers Consulting also supplies and services emergency diesel generators with the following engines:

  • Cummins
  • Perkins
  • Deutz
  • Doosan
  • John Deer

Power and distribution transformers

As an authorised dealer of ROM-Energy Electronics from Turkey, MEC Engineers Consulting supplies a wide selection of oil and dry power transformers.

Oil type transformers

Distribution transformers

  • Power – Up to 5000 KVA
  • Primary voltage – Up to 36KV

Large distribution

Power – Up to 5000KVA

Primary voltage – Up to 220KV

Power transformers

  • Power – Up to 150000KVA
  • Primary voltage – Up to 220KV

Dry type transformers

Distribution power transformers

  • Power – Up to 20000KVA
  • Primary voltage – Up to 36KV


Used for indoor and outdoor applications, can be provided with on-load or off-load tap changers.

Earthing transformers

Earthing transformers create a neutral point in a three phase system, which provides possibilities for neutral earthing. The earthing can be through an arc-suppression reactor, a neutral earthing reactor or resistor or directly:

  • Oil type - Up to 100KV
  • Dry type - Up to 36KV
  • With auxiliary winding upon request
Electrical engineering
MEC Engineers Consulting Ltd · Electrical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Since inception, MEC Engineers Consulting has been delivering world class mechanical engineering solutions across several industries. Their team of engineers comprises of experts with a strong foundation in mechanical engineering, as well as functional and industry-specific domain knowledge and standards.

MEC Engineers Consulting provides a full spectrum of engineering solutions to any kind of mechanical equipment problem. The company approaches each project with an equal balance of exploration, invention, straightforward design and attention to detail.

MEC works closely with project stakeholders including owners, architects and contractors-from start to finish to meet each client’s exact requirements. The company believes in a flexible and adaptive approach to design and project delivery.


  • Mechanical Systems design, selection, supply and implementation
  • Condition monitoring and mechanical maintenance services
  • Hydraulic modelling and pump installations and associated accessories
  • Reliability engineering and maintenance services
  • Plumbing-Piping and fabrications
  • Fire protection, servicing of fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems
  • Corrosion protection such as acid proofing of all types of surfaces
  • Systems commissioning
  • Water loss management solutions
  • Supply of mechanical spares, tools and PPE consumables
  • Maintenance subcontracting


MEC Engineers Consulting is an authorised distributor of KSB pumps in Zambia.

Types of pumps supplied

Etarnom-pump drive

This pump is used for:

  • Water supply
  • Fire-fighting
  • Spray irrigation
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Heating, air-conditioning
  • Drinking water
  • Service water
  • Hot water, cooling water
  • Swimming pool water
  • Sea water
  • Brackish water
  • Condensate
  • Brine
  • Oils
  • Cleaning agents

Omega-axially split volute casing pump


For handling pure, raw and waste water as well as seawater in:

  • Water works
  • Irrigation and drainage pumping stations
  • Power stations
  • Industrial water supply
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Marine and offshore engineering
  • General applications in petrochemical industry
  • Seawater desalination

Submersible pumps


  • Irrigation
  • Drinking water
  • Industrial water supply
  • Farm house


  • High efficient
  • Water filled
  • Lower power consumption
  • Noiseless
  • Special thrust bearing design
  • Easily rewindable

Pressure booster pumps

Comeo pressure booster pump

Applications include:

  • Pressure boosting
  • Water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Air-conditioning
  • Light industrial applications
Mechanical engineering
MEC Engineers Consulting Ltd · Mechanical engineering

Civil engineering

MEC Engineers Consulting is a full-service civil engineering company that offers top-notch service and quality workmanship. They are experts in roads, building, structural, public health, environmental engineering and surveying. Their team is characterised by its technical competence, flexibility to complete any task at hand, and local knowledge.

The staff of MEC Engineers Consulting comprises of registered professional engineers, land surveyors and technicians that have a proven track record of producing work on time and within budget. The company has built a reputation for undertaking construction works in some of Zambia’s most demanding environments.

MEC Engineers Consulting has been responsible for a complete range of services from design to the final stages of erection. The company has the experience and ability to provide comprehensive solutions to problems that address the specific needs of each client.


  • Road and drainage systems engineering
  • Building, rehabilitation and construction works
  • Structural engineering
  • Public health engineering works (water, drainage and sewerage infrastructure)
  • Environmental planning and management
  • Surveying
Civil engineering
MEC Engineers Consulting Ltd · Civil engineering
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