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Neelkanth Lime Ltd

Ndola, Zambia
With years of experience from Neelkanth Africa the company has a state of the art processing plant managed by industry experts that include engineers, technicians, lab scientists and managers. Neelkanth Lime produce high quality products by using research and modern technology. Neelkanth Lime has a commissioned lime plant in Ndola, Zambia on 116 hectares of land. The current capacity in the Ndola plant is 200 mt of quick lime per day and 75 mt of hydrated lime per day.


Neelkanth Lime has set up a lime plant in Ndola with various manufacturing divisions to produce quality lime based products. These products include quick lime, aggregate lime, hydrated lime, crushed lime powder, agricultural lime and limestones.


Quicklime is produced from high calcium carbonate content limestones with up to 96% purity. These stones are filled into vertical kiln and fired at high temperature up to 900 centigrade. At the end of the calcination process, limestone is converted into quicklime.

Quicklime is used in waste treatment, insecticides and industrial alkali. Other uses include:

  • Purifier for industrial effluents
  • Acidity pacifier in mining industry
  • Iron and steel, paper and glass industry for fluxing

Hydrated lime

Neelkanth hydrated lime is produced by multiple process through an automated plant under the supervision of qualified staff to ensure quality and consistency of the product.

Agricultural lime

Neelkanth agriculture lime is a soil additive made from pulverized limestone which contains high calcium with 96% purity. These stones are crushed in a crusher to make crystal fine lime powder products (sized 0.1-2 mm) which can be used for quick acidity adjustment and elemental calcium for producing top yields and profits.

Some of the major uses of Neelkanth agricultural lime include:

• It subdues the acidity in the soil.

• It provides a source of calcium for plants.

• It permits improved water penetration for acidic soils.

Crushed limestone powder

Neelkanth crushed limestone powder is produced from high calcium carbonate content limestones with up to 96% purity. These stones are crushed in a crusher to make crystal-fine lime powder products.

Some of the major uses of crushed limestone powder include:

• As a hardener in glass industry

• Used as an additive in paints to reduce the opacity

Limestone aggregate

Used in construction of roads as base course, cement blocks, etc.

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