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O'Hagan's Irish Pub & Grill

Lusaka, Zambia
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Find a 'taste of Ireland in Africa'. With a beautiful old Irish cottage pub setup and decor, it has a definite Irish feel. O'Hagan's Irish Pub & Grill is a venue in Lusaka, Zambia, for people to meet, eat and relax. Due to COVID-19 , this place is currently operating as a restaurant . The is bar closed until the president lifts the ban. However, alcohol is served with a meal. Patrons can enjoy live sport in friendly surroundings, with smatterings of Irish tradition. Regular promotions, activities and events ensure there's high entertainment value to be found here. For those that want to host a party or any other event, they can reserve a table/s in the dinning area - seating capacity is 50 people. All Ministry of Health guidelines observed - social distancing, mask wearing of staff, hand sanitisation, table and chair sanitisation.

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This gastro pub offers both locals and visitors a wonderful homely environment at excellent value for money. O'Hagan's Irish Pub & Grill serves traditional Irish beer (Guinness of course), local draught beers (including Mosi and Castle), spirits, other international beverages and soft drinks.

Live sport is a big part of the O'Hagan's tradition. It is a well known sports bar where patrons can watch their favourite international premier league football teams on large screens strategically placed. Fans often gather, shouting for their favourite teams while enjoying the company of friends and family.

This is a friendly pub – even with the atmosphere buzzing, it remains inviting, pleasant and welcoming. The pub has three seating options – the well stocked bar, the inviting and warm indoor restaurant with climate control facilities and the airy outer space which looks out over the Woodlands Shopping Mall. At O'Hagan's you can soak up the vibrancy of Lusaka City, get a feel for the urban culture, and enjoy a great pub atmosphere with good food and live sport.

The ballad of Shamus O'Hagan

Long ago and quite far away, Lived a young man who gave us the name we know as O'Hagan today. Now Shamus O'Hagan was brave and feared few. He was loved by his friends and all that he knew. He lived in 'Ole Ireland where tradition was strong And opened up a tavern with the words of a song. "Drink and be merry, o good friends of mine It's time to eat food, with a bottle of wine". And many came to enjoy his fare So Shamus thought there should be many more O'Hagan's for other folk to enjoy out there. He hung his name proud and he hung his name high And created many more places, far and wide Where people could eat, And good friends could meet!

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O'Hagan's Irish Pub & Grill · Pubs and Bars

Casual dining restaurant

O'Hagan's serves authentic Irish dishes and boasts of the best grills in town. Its delicious rustic menu is designed to meet a wide range of tastes, catering successfully for children, the hungriest steak-craving appetite, the health conscious and the vegetarian. This is a place to experience Irish home cooking at its best.

Start off with a choice of delicious home-made soups or some peri-peri chicken livers, served with a hint of cream and home-made bread or some delicious warm garlic bread, with garlic butter and cheese sauce, topped with extra cheddar cheese, among others. O'Hagan' offers a wide selection of salads such as the house salad, a fresh combination of tossed lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and red cabbage and a mix of Mozzarella and cheddar cheese or opt for the bacon, avocado and feta salad, chicken salad or oriental salad.

Sample great Irish food with a choice of basket selections, Gaelic grills, ale house favourites and desserts. The menu allows you to 'make your own masterpiece' — hungry customers are encouraged to choose from a wide selection of food combinations. Dishes are magnificently named — like O'Connor's rib basket; Limerick potato, pumpkin and leek soup; Fitzpatrick chicken livers peri-peri; Patrick's mighty steak 500gm; and Brendan's bangers and mash! The restaurant and outdoor area is a very child friendly.

O'Hagan's dinning area

This area caters for up to 150 people. It is available for corporate breakfasts, lunches or dinners, private parties, quiz nights, sports viewings, presentations and more. Qualified chefs provides full a la carte menus or a buffet option and are able to meet any specialised dietary requirements. The waiters are always on hand to ensure guests are served efficiently.

Casual dining restaurant
O'Hagan's Irish Pub & Grill · Casual dining restaurant

Live music

The weekend starts Thursday night at O'Hagan's Irish Pub & Gril, bands warm up guests with their smooth and crispy Jazz/Afro jazz and Latin inspired tunes. Later other charismatic singers takes you on journey through hits from the 70's, 80's, reggae, soul, funk, romantic ballads, South African medleys including Zambian hit songs.

O'Hagan's is entertaining with an amazing atmosphere and friendly helpful staff that will serve you drinks and food where ever you are, no matter how big a crowd. This venue features in-house musicians playing your favourites and classic hits. Admission is free and open to the public.

Live music
O'Hagan's Irish Pub & Grill · Live music
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