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Sawpower Company Ltd

Lusaka, Zambia
Engineering services
Hospitality supplies
Since 2007, Sawpower Company has been supplying saw machines and saw blades for a range of cutting requirements including wood, metal, stone, glass, plastic and paper. It offers technical advice and blade sharpening services. The company also supplies a broad range of catering equipment with back-up services. They are the sole suppliers of Vulcan Catering Equipment. Sawpower also supply equipment and services, together with a vast range of smaller kitchen machinery and other items.

Engineering services

Sawpower are stockists of timber cutting products ranging from band saw blades for portable sawmills to TCT circular saws for furniture production, ensuring timber cutting is easy and safe. The company also stocks stone, ceramic and glass blades for cutting metal.

Since 2007 Sawpower has been supplying quality saw blades to the Zambian market. The company focuses on supply and technical advice, as well as sharpening and re-tipping services.

Metal cutting products

Sawpower supplies high quality Starrett and Eclipse blades. They also stock HSS circular cut-off machines. Their hacksaw blades and jig saw blades use Starrett's new, revolutionary 'bi-metal unique™' technology.

  • Band saw machines
  • High Speed Steel (HSS) circular cut-off saw machines
  • Hole saws, including for billet and sheet metal
  • High carbon band saw blades
  • Bi-metal band saw blades
  • Triple-chip saws for aluminium or non-ferrous metals
  • Specialist saws (on request) such as friction or segmented saws
  • Bi-metal and shatter-proof hacksaws 18-32 TPI and frames
  • Power saw blades
  • Jig saw blades
  • Eclipse engineering tools (on request)

Stone, ceramic and glass blades

  • Sawpower stock Carbide grit band saw blades, hacksaw blades, diamond hole saws and diamond
  • saws (segmented, continuous rim and grinding blades).
  • Stone and concrete cutting
  • Diamond saws, segmented and continuous rim
  • Core splitting saws
  • Core bits and dowels
  • Grinding and polishing equipment, and consumables
  • Machinery

Machine knives

  • Sawpower can supply most machine knives, from plastic re-processing granulator knives right up to guillotine knives

Sawpower services

Sawpower offers technical advice together with a range of support services:

  • Full re-tipping and sharpening service for Tungsten Carbide Tips (TCT) saws
  • Sharpening of most machine knives
  • Joining of band saw blades (up to 65mm wide)

Timber cutting products:

  • Narrow band saw for hard and soft wood
  • Wide band saws
  • CBN sharpening wheels
  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) saws to any specification
  • Lucas, Peterson and other mobile mill saw blades
  • Plane knives
  • Bow saw blades
  • Hole saws
  • Jig saw blades
  • Spindle cutters (on request)
  • Abrasives including belts, disks and solid
  • Machinery (on request)

Other Sawpower products

  • Engineering tools including precision measurement tools
  • General purpose hole saws
  • Junior hack saws
  • Saw tooth setters and sharpeners
  • Reciprocating all purpose saw blades
  • Abrasives including paper, cloth, agglomerated stones and diamond wheels

Sawpower blade range

  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Stone
  • Meat
Engineering services
Sawpower Company Ltd · Engineering services

Hospitality supplies

Sawpower supplies industrial kitchens from concept right through to design, equipment supply and installation, as well as after-sales training, technical support and spares. They offer a full range of Vulcan Catering Equipment, backed up by trained service technicians.

Vulcan is the region's leading supplier of food preparation and service equipment. From concept to commissioning, Sawpower and Vulcan can take care of your new restaurant, hotel or lodge kitchen. They also supply refrigeration and cold rooms.

Kitting out of cold rooms and freezer rooms

Sawpower does not supply off-the-shelf units. Instead each cold room is professionally designed and specified according to the customer's requirements. All compressors, condensers and evaporators are individually specified according to the particular cold room requirement.

To ensure quality service Sawpower also offer:

  • Kitchen design consultation through Vulcan
  • Installation and commissioning of kitchen equipment
  • Spares

Sawpower product range:

  • Dishwashers
  • Sink Master™ food waste disposers
  • Racking, shelving and trolleys
  • OKTO butchery equipment (band saws, bowl-cutters and marinators)
  • Starrett and Sawpower butcher blades
  • Torrey Camlock meat cutting hand saws
  • Desmon™ professional refrigeration
  • Merchandisers
  • Cold and freezer rooms
  • 1000s of kitchen 'smalls'

Other range of products:

  • Preparation counters, stainless steel tables and sinks
  • Vegetable preparation machines
  • Range cookers and fry-top griddles for gas or electric
  • Deep fat fryers and pressure fryers
  • Boiling pans and tilt pans
  • Salamanders and conveyor oven toasters
  • Rational™ combination steam ovens and self-cooking centre
  • Bain marie hot cupboards, food warming and display equipment
  • Alto Shaam™ food holding, heating and display equipment
  • Alto Shaam™ rotisseries
Hospitality supplies
Sawpower Company Ltd · Hospitality supplies
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