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Shayna Deyne

Lusaka, Zambia
Interiors and Design services
Property improvement
Furniture and Furnishings
When it comes to property, Shayna Deyne provides an all-inclusive service from doing your conveyancing to designing, building or renovating and decorating. Whether residential, hospitality or commercial, your real estate will be in good hands, with the experienced team guiding you throughout the construction/design process to ensure they meet your specific requirements. Shayna Deyne's reputation for uncompromising professionalism in everything it does has been achieved by satisfying its clients and earning their confidence.

Interiors and Design services

Shayna Deyne offers world-class interior design solutions that focus on aesthetic appearance while providing functionality and efficiency. Working closely with you, this company gives you the best design trends that are customised to suit your personal requirements.

Shayna Deyne is your one-stop turnkey interior fit-out solution. Their team of professional interior designers is dedicated to fulfilling your idyllic vision of the perfect home or office by providing the best interior design services. They come from diverse backgrounds and with innovative design ideas so as to help you complete your décor from start to finish.

Whether you are building an entirely new home or remodelling your current house, Shayna Deyne will help you to achieve your perfect space. Their design solutions result from a collaborative process that encourages the designer and client to work together, share knowledge and imagine new ways to create outstanding design ideas and solutions.

Residential interiors

Shayna Deyne recognise that every home has a unique style suited to its occupants. The professionals at Shayna Deyne are dedicated to helping you create a space that is versatile and practical in design, elegant in nature, and stylish like you!

This company will meet with you to map out your style requirements, propose their design and décor improvements, and work closely with you to implement the agreed-upon changes to make your home dance with a new flair! Every space can and should be beautiful as well as functional, and well suited to your lifestyle.

Shayna Deyne’s residential decorating and design services range from:

  • Window treatments, soft furnishings and upholstering
  • Space planning including drawings in 3d as needed
  • Furniture layout
  • Flooring, carpets and rugs
  • Art and accessories
  • Bathroom and kitchen style
  • Lighting
  • Renovation design
  • Custom design and/or purchasing of furnishings - Complete “Room Service by shopping for all accessories and finishing touches

Hospitality design

Hospitality and leisure environments become popular destinations by creating memorable guest experiences.

Shayne Deyne creates the future of your interior spaces, whether luxury and select-service hotels, casinos and restaurants or any space in between. The teamwork collaboratively to create distinctive experiences that express their expertise, creative instincts and local insight to deliver against the guiding principles of your brand. Shayna Deyne’s hospitality design solutions bring long-term value to owners while welcoming guests with exceptional experiences.

Commercial interiors

Shayna Deyne strategically helps organisations to deliver environments that empower people to work and perform well. Your company brand can be translated into an environment that creates a lasting first impression on clients. Every touchpoint is considered in the expression of your brand. As with the best pieces of design, Shayna Deyne will make it look easy.

Successful corporate and commercial environments are those that best leverage physical space as a strategic tool to achieve organisational goals. Whether creating workplace environments that inspire collaboration and employee health to commercial office buildings geared towards attracting exceptional clients or tenants, this company partners with their clients to help them achieve their vision. Shayna Deyne’s team has also pioneered proprietary performance metrics and approaches that help measure results and ensure success.

Shayna Deyne’s focus is on their clients’ success. The form of the solution may vary – from a refreshed workplace to a ground-up building, or the implementation of a new strategy – but the goal of improving the performance of their clients and helping them to realise the goals most important to them does not waver.

3 reasons why you should work with an interior designer

  • An interior designer can help you with space planning - Items such as flooring, windows, countertops, cabinets can be chosen during the planning stage. Knowing the kind of fixtures and fittings you will need beforehand will help with space planning as you build. Make sure to work with an interior designer and architect when planning the design of your house.

  • An interior designer can help oversee the construction of your entire project - You can have several different employees assigned to oversee your home construction. It is in your best interest for your interior designer to work with the construction manager to make sure that the construction goes according to your overall plans and lifestyle desires.

  • An interior designer will help you decorate your house/office once it is done - Once the house has been built and fixtures and fittings have been installed, an interior designer will decorate your house/office according to your agreed-upon design concept.

Interiors and Design services
Shayna Deyne · Interiors and Design services

Property improvement

Are you looking for a superior quality home or office improvement service? Shayna Deyne provides a full range of professional property improvement services. An experienced contractor will sit down with you to go over your needs and then create the best plan for you.

With many years of experience, Shayna Deyne knows how to fulfill your construction needs in the most timely, efficient, and affordable way possible. The company works with residential and commercial clients, covering a vast range of property improvement services. Shayna is recognised for a very consultative approach to their work. They take time to advise their clients on the best and most effective solutions.

Shayna Deyne provides services from routine maintenance support to major repair, response and restoration construction. By utilising their multi-disciplined team, you can be assured that all works will be done with the highest level of quality.

Property improvement
Shayna Deyne · Property improvement

Furniture and Furnishings

Are you searching for a professional custom wooden furniture maker? Shayna Deyne can manufacture a wide selection of furniture including sofas, beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, stools, executive desks and shoe racks. The company maintains a high standard of quality and craftsmanship.

Shayna Deyne designs and makes high quality and bespoke wooden furniture to provide you with quality, originality and choice. Their designers and carpenters have passion for what they do and provide customers with a unique product that reflects pride, craftsmanship, and makes a statement in any home or business environment.

Shayna Deyne tailors their service according to your lifestyle and offers guidance throughout every stage of your project. The company prides itself on the quality of its work, excellence in design and listening to and understanding your requirements and ideas. With the goal of delivering uniqueness and quality, this company uses the latest design practices and fabrication technology.

Whether you are looking for a dream piece for yourself, an interior design solution or a special gift for someone, Shayna Deyne has you covered.

Furniture and Furnishings
Shayna Deyne · Furniture and Furnishings
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