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Sisters of Africa Spa

Livingstone, Zambia
'Ubuntu'which simply means 'humanity'. A celebration of life through 'Ubuntu' inspires an atmosphere that heals the human soul. Old and new healing techniques are adapted from local villages, from the famous Zambian 'Ukuchina' massages to the use of pure distilled water drawn from the great Zambezi River for facials. 'We are healed through the souls we heal'. Sisters of Africa Spa, uniting women to become sisters in creating a great legacy of spas adapting treatments from their surroundings.


Offering a great way to relax, enjoy the present moment and inhale a little piece of heaven while on your journey through life. Based at the luxury five star Islands of Siankaba lodge on the Zambezi River, Sisters of Africa Spa offer facials, massages and body treatments in the most natural, luxurious environment.


Thefacials rituals pamper the skin with natural Essential products and pure distilled water from the great Zambezi river. A touch back to the old facial massage techniques with compression of steamed towels and deep pressure points that relaxes the mind, drawing your spirit to a place of calmness.


Massages have long been an integral part of the Africa culture with special leaves wrapped in hot towels that prepare us for the 'Ukuchina' massage to intensely stretch the muscles, this treatments clears toxins allowing your body to be drained of all tiredness of the mind. 'Giving you the strength to keep on walking through your journey of life.'

Body Treatments

The common use of ground maize used to make maize meal, freshly grown Zambian Arabica coffee and fine white sand collected from the banks of the Zambezi River, form the wide range of body scrubs and polishes. The best way to be close to Mother Nature!

From Africa’s roots

A wide range of spa treatments that keep us in touch with Mother Nature, waters drawn from our local rivers and oils that have been extracted from the iconic baobab and Mongogo trees that the Southern African soil has bared us with. It all takes us to a place where we appreciate our heritage.


Essential skin products are made in Zambia with only natural, and where possible, organic ingredients. Products are made in a small lab in Mazabuka and are hand crafted, made only in small batches to ensure absolute freshness. From everyday essentials, precious serums and a range of specially formulated products promise to treat and make you feel renewed.

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