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Tau Risk Consultants

Lusaka, Zambia
Security systems
Security services
Vehicle security and tracking
Tau Risk Consultants' main role is to prevent crime. This Zambian company, incorporated in 2001, has grown steadily, thanks to the reputation it has built for quality service. It provides physical guards to the public in the industrial, retail, commercial and residential sectors. Guards are monitored through a 24 hour control centre. Tau Risk Consultants also offers a broad range of security services including alarm systems, electronic surveillance products and vehicle tracking, in both Lusaka and Kitwe.

Security systems

Tau Risk Consultants provides GSM and GPRS alarm systems which can be operated by keypad, remote control or even mobile phone (for arming, disarming or setting). Alarm systems can be set to enable either the response reaction vehicle team or police station to be alerted about an intrusion and respond to the alarm.

Tau Risk Consultants has a team of facilitating experts as well as regularly trained staff covering the following aspects of security:

  • GSM interactive alarm systems
  • Electric fences
  • Fire suppression

Integrated monitoring units

Another state of the art product on offer is the electronic guarding unit commonly referred to as an integrated monitoring unit which is a combination of GSM and GPRS alarm system integrated with a closed circuit television system. This comes with added features like fuel monitoring control and battery level monitoring. It can be fully controlled and monitored by cell phone. GSM communicators are used to connect an ordinary alarm system or electric fence to cell phones to enable the client to know of any change of state on their alarm system. These communicators can also be used in devices such as the opening and closing of gates and doorways, and also to control security lights.


Closed Circuit Television surveillance systems are available from Tau Risk, with remote access using GPRS. This enables clients to monitor their property 24 hours a day. Quality infra red cameras are used to achieve good quality images. This application has been implemented for all the Airtel systems, including remote masts. These services are flexibly tailored to meet the needs of different customer requirements.

The Tau Risk control room

All installed alarm systems are monitored in the Tau Risk control room which runs 24 hours a day seven days a week. It is manned by well trained technicians who work throughout the day and night in eight hour shifts. Monitoring of all these sites is achieved by use of integrated software that sends alarm signals to the right reaction vehicles in the relevant zones.

Tau Risk Consultants range of security systems

  • Alarm installation
  • GSM management
  • Risk management and assessment
  • Corporate, retails and residential security
  • Agricultural monitoring services
  • Pre-paid electricity meter monitoring
  • CCTV and off site monitoring
  • Electronic protection systems
  • Remote site management
  • Fire alarms and suppression
  • Wireless communications
  • GPRS routers
  • Electronic transactional systems
  • Satellite tracking
Security systems
Tau Risk Consultants · Security systems

Security services

Tau Risk Consultants provides a well trained physical guard service together with a rapid response service. The company covers access control, main gate operations, acceptance of deliveries and document checks, response to security calls, pursuit of perpetrators, effecting arrests, and emergency back-up services.

As a security company Tau Risk Consultants is committed to working in partnership with their customers in order to provide an excellent and cost effective security service. Tau Risk provides well-trained physical guards together with project management and risk management. Surveys are carried out at customers' premises to ensure all security needs are addressed. Guards deployed are trained to carry out all forms of security duties to the highest standards. These include:

  • Access control
  • Main gate operations with entry and exit checking
  • Check point management
  • Acceptance of deliveries and document checks
  • Use of metal detectors

Rapid response The Tau Risk rapid response team is young, dynamic and physically fit. The officers are organised and goal oriented, with excellent reaction speeds. The team protects the interests of those who may be victims, as well as their property. Team members will pursue perpetrators and effect arrests. Each motorised rapid response crew is made up of:

  • One crew driver
  • One crew commander (gun handler)
  • Two crew members (short baton handlers)

Officers are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for the execution of their routine duties. Their primary function is the investigation of security calls out. Immediate assistance is provided in order to neutralise the situation. Emergency back-up services are brought in if required.

Staff training

Tau Risk reaction officers undergo specialised training in the following disciplines:

  • First aid
  • Tactics
  • Self defense
  • Obstacle crossing
  • Fire fighting
  • Assets in transit
  • VIP protection
  • Handling of victims
  • Legal aspects
  • Communication
  • Public relations
  • Tau Risk officers are equipped with light weaponry such as short batons, whistles, hand torches, pepper sprays, communication radios and handcuffs

Response vehicles

The fleets of response vehicles are positioned in centralised areas in each zone. The location of each vehicle is based on access roads and distance to clients' premises. This enables teams to react to client calls in the shortest possible time. They have a number of 4×4 off road vehicles able to go through rough terrain and reach client locations wherever these may be situated. Vehicles are equipped with revolving lights, sirens, extension ladders and a complete range of tools and accessories. They are inspected daily in order to ensure they are always in a serviceable and road-worthy condition.

Tau Risk Consultants' range of security services

  • Investigations
  • Insurance recoveries
  • Escorts
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring and guarding services
  • Corporate, retails and residential security
  • Response services
  • Static guard monitoring
  • ATM monitoring systems

Tau Risk Consultants clients

  • Coca-Cola
  • National Breweries
  • Zambian Breweries
  • Mopani Mines
  • NICO Insurance
  • Shoprite
  • Airtel Zambia
  • Nissan Cfao
  • Pannar Seed
  • Heinrich Beverages
Security services
Tau Risk Consultants · Security services

Vehicle security and tracking

Tau Risk Consultants offers world class vehicle security and tracking services. The company's array of trackers are vital tools for monitoring either a single car or an entire fleet of vehicles. Real-time car tracking devices give users up-to-the-minute speed and location updates, including text or email alerts.

With many years of experience, Tau Risk Consultants offers complete vehicle tracking solutions. The company provides vehicle tracking systems that are designed to ID vehicles, show reports, location, addresses, and routes driven. Customers will have the opportunity to accurately monitor driver and vehicle efficiency, as well as productivity.

Tau Risk Consultants believes in offering its clients the solution that best fits their needs. The company's vehicle tracking solutions helps organisations companies to save a lot of money through efficient fleet management.

Vehicle security and tracking
Tau Risk Consultants · Vehicle security and tracking
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