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Travelport Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia
Electronic payment systems
Skills training
Travelport offers solutions to travel agents and works closely with all airlines in Zambia. The company also renders training services to travel agents in order to give them the capabilities to manage travel at a global scale. The software allows agents functionality to search low fares, book flights, hotels and car rentals by connecting buyers and sellers of travel through many of the most advanced technologies in existence. Travelport builds innovative tools that redefine travel commerce.


Travelport is a leading travel commerce platform providing distribution technology, payment and other solutions for the global travel and tourism industry. Travelport Zambia offers software that includes Travelport E-Tracker, Smartpoint, Client file, Custom check, Agentivity, Travelport Mobile Agent and Document Producer.

Travelport E-Tracker

Travelport E-Tracker is a web-based solution that allows agents to record and check all electronic tickets issued on the Galileo system. Using extensive search and sort capabilities, agents can view the current status of tickets, produce reports on their status and download the reports for use in applications such as Microsoft Excel. Agents can also void tickets via the application or refund and exchange tickets via the Galileo system when required.


Travelport provides smarter and more efficient ways to increase profit margins by giving solution that strengthens the most valuable assets that include existing investments in people and technology. Travelport Smartpoint evolves the Galileo desktop with dynamic and interactive technology that improves travel agents productivity and customer service.

Travelport Zambia · Software

Electronic payment systems

Travelport is one of the world's Travel Commerce Platform, aimed at providing payment and other solutions. The platform allows travel providers, travel agencies and corporations to search, share, buy and sell travel. This increases profitability and drives commercial success for every customer in the travel network.

The unique approach drives value creation and opportunity for businesses, with each solution interconnecting and complementing each other. Travelport Zambia will help travel agents in Zambia discover how their company's portfolio of travel commerce solutions is answering and predicting the unmet needs of the industry and travel businesses.

Merchandising solutions

For a company to remain relevant in today's ever changing world of travel retail a business requires the best tools available on the market. The Travelport Merchandising Suite consists of three corresponding components that allow airlines to connect, share and promote products and services, and demonstrate uniqueness more efficiently than ever before.

Selling solutions

Travelport Smartpoint sanctions you to achieve goals by helping you manage and sell complex travel offers while driving a more personalized service within your existing workflow. In today's world travellers demand more, henceforth agencies need to demonstrate value and provide customers with the travel choices and high levels of services expected.

Sell more airline content often

Travelport Smartpoint keeps you up-to-date with the widest range of real-time.

Look inside the flight

Travelport Smartpoint allows you to instantly compare fares, see pictures of cabins and seats in a single window. This means you'll be able to suggest to your customers options they may not have previously considered and offer them the best deal. Now you can keep up with the latest airline offers without continually having to check the airlines' websites.

Electronic payment systems
Travelport Zambia · Electronic payment systems

Skills training

Travelport Zambia’s training services are tailored to give agents all the information about the travel industry including airline and ground transportation, hotels and resorts, cruises, tours and specialty travel. The company is committed to helping agents build their business and know how they can provide their services more effectively.

Travelport Zambia offers specialist travel training services to travel agents offering travel training on the software that they provide for the industry.

  • Travelport Smartpoint - Accelerate agent efficiency with Travelport Smartpoint
  • Travelport Trip Assist - A mobile engagement platform for TMCs and travel agencies
  • Travelport Fusion - A mobile engagement platform built for every airline

Their goal is to develop the necessary knowledge and skills travel agents need to become travel professionals using the advanced travel technology software so that they can work as employees or independent contractors. Travelport Zambia has built a solid reputation for quality and outstanding customer service and is well-known in the industry as a leading travel training company.

Skills training
Travelport Zambia · Skills training
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