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Tree Tops Primary and Junior Secondary School

Lusaka, Zambia
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Your child has the right to receive proper and good education for a secure and better future. Offering pre-school, primary and junior secondary school education, Tree Tops delivers a rich and challenging curriculum that enables children to develop a range of knowledge and skills for them to flourish academically, physically, socially, culturally and emotionally. Learning takes place in a safe, secure and happy environment where all children are fully supported. Tree Tops primary and Junior Secondary School strives for excellence in education and producing children who are 10 times better than their peers.


Tree Tops primary and Junior Secondary School provides a stimulating early learning environment for your child’s educational journey. Acknowledging that children develop at different rates, this school ensures that each child is advancing at their pace and level, not that of the group. Their team's goal is for your bundle of joy to be fully prepared for primary school as well as become confident and independent.

Tree Tops primary and Junior Secondary School is a school where parents and teachers work together to provide quality early childhood education. This co-operative approach allows you, the parent, to be actively involved in your child’s education and showing him/her that you care.

Tree Tops primary and Junior Secondary School provides an exciting and imaginative environment for your child to enjoy. The school is committed to supporting your child’s learning and development as well as ensuring that all the needs of your child are met.

Tree Tops primary and Junior Secondary School is fully inclusive to all, they have procedures in place to identify and respond to the learning and development needs of all children from the onset.

Tree Tops Primary and Junior Secondary School · Pre-school

Primary school

Tree Tops primary and Junior Secondary School will give your child the fundamental knowledge and skills to reach their full potential. From the moment your child starts grade 1, this school will inspire him/her to learn and enjoy learning through its broad based and engaging curriculum.


Tree Tops primary and Junior Secondary School teaches the Zambian syllabus as outlined by the Curriculum Development Centre. They ensure that all topics in the prescribed books are well covered each term. Education is universal therefore text books, from countries with high standard of education are incorporated in order to widen the scope of the pupils.

Field/educational trips

Children comprehend material practically more than theoretically therefore field trips are an integral part of the class lessons. Pupils are averse to studying and recall information, from their practical experiences. The school endeavors to ensure that all pupils attend the field trips by charging minimum fees where necessary. Adequate notice is given at the beginning of each term. Places that the pupils have visited are the Hindu Temple, Kamwala Mosque, Zambia Daily Mail, Chilenge Monument, Muvi Tv and Mundawanga.

Career day

Pupils wear the uniform of their desired future careers and are taken to the actual location/organisations to receive practical instructions on the career e.g. health workers-UTH or clinics, pilots-airports, lawyers-court. In 2015, the pupils had the privilege of visiting ZAF Airport and touring the presidential plane . Other places the pupils visited are Kabwata and the Lusaka Magistrate Police Stations.

Primary school
Tree Tops Primary and Junior Secondary School · Primary school

Secondary school

Catering for students from grades 8 to 9, Tree Tops' primary and Junior Secondary School offers its students a broad choice of subjects and activities in a caring and supportive learning environment. The school values the diversity of cultures and welcomes international students to enroll.

Tree Tops primary and Junior Secondary School is committed to assisting its students in their preparation for life beyond school by encouraging them to achieve their personal excellence. By doing this, the school seeks to drive individual students to be their best in all aspects of school and life.

When you enroll your child at Tree Tops, he/she will be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to contribute as an active and engaged citizen.

Secondary school
Tree Tops Primary and Junior Secondary School · Secondary school
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