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Zee Music

Lusaka, Zambia
Multimedia and Advertising
With over 10 major contracts, Zee Music is the one stop service for Zambian upcoming and existing musicians. As an artist development company it reaches over 10,000 people and sources raw new talent, It supervises the recording process so that artists come out with quality productions. They also promote and advertise artists to key platforms such as Afritunez, iM1Music, MTV plus more. With an aim to help artists develop their music passion, and provide a platform for artists to be globally recognised.

Multimedia and Advertising

Zee Music Ltd, a UK based company that works with Zambian upcoming musicians, has sourced ways in which they can build their musicians and equipped them in developing their talents within the industry. Run by a Zambian, Mulenga Jasmine Kasoma, who has extensive knowledge in music industry management.

Zee Music works with Zambian artists to help them reach their full potential and has affiliations with neighbouring countries such as Botswana, Malawi, Uganda, Namibia and Angola. Zee Music distributes tracks on major distribution platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsodys and many more so that your music is accessible and commercial.

Zee Music also works with key music channels, and can develop your VEVO account on YouTube and have your music video played on these TV channels. Memberships start from as short as 1 year, and are always renewable. Zee Music will work with you in sending your demos out to our key music contacts, but will ensure that it will work together to match the criteria.

As an Artist Development and Distribution Company, we need to ensure that we connect our artists with the best contacts!

With their client base increasing, they work hard to grow theirpartner bases so that more platforms are opened to bring the artists to a good branding position.

Multimedia and Advertising
Zee Music · Multimedia and Advertising
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