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Dayliff D3 solar 120H solar pump

Dayliff D3 solar 120H solar pump

This is the DAYLIFF D3SOLAR 120H Solar Pump. It comes with Module and Controller, and other accessories. DAYLIFF DSOLAR-B pumps are specifically designed for PV solar-powered water supply from wells and boreholes.

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Complete with module, controller & accessories. Up to 25,000 Litre/day capacity. They are of centrifugal and rotary screw design and material of construction for rotary screw design are principally stainless steel with a rubber stator while centrifugal design features noryl impellers and stainless steel chambers. Pumps are supplied complete with a controller, cable connectors, water level sensor, solar PV connecting cables and spare rotor or impellers depending on type.

Weight: 12.0 Kg

Dimensions: 20 x 76 x 820 mm

Flow: 2900rpm

Application: Designed for PV solar powered water supply from wells and boreholes

Feature: Enclosure Class: IP68

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