Concrete & Masonry Drill Bits - Long

Concrete & Masonry Drill Bits - Long

Heavy-duty concrete & masonry drill bits fitted with durable tungsten carbide tips that are suitable for penetrating concrete, brick, stone and masonry
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Last updated 30 Sept 2022

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  • Brick, Wall, Masonry
  • Hardened tungsten tip
  • Tips
  • Set the drill on hammer action
  • Use slow rotation speed to prevent overheating
  • Withdraw frequently to remove debris and dust
  • Use stop-start drilling action to avoid overheating

Masonry drill bits long are designed for drilling into hard brittle materials such as stone, brick and masonry. The tip, made of tungsten carbide, is exceptionally hard. When the bit becomes too blunt to use it is better to buy a new one. In harder materials like concrete use an SDS bit with a special SDS power drill.

Product TitleEureka Concrete & Masonry Drill Bits - Long
Drill TipTungsten Carbide

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