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111 Tips For Becoming a Successful Student

111 Tips For Becoming a Successful Student

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Do you want to make the most of your academic experience? Do you want to turn your dreams of academic success into reality? Your years as a student can be some of the best years of your life. This is a fun and fulfilling time when opportunities for intellectual growth and personal development abound. This book has been written to help reap the full benefits of these opportunities. Recognizing that real academic success about more than grades, the author offers practical advice on:

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Author: Conrad S. Zygmont

  • 1) Transitioning to university.
  • 2) Choosing friends.
  • 3) Improving your reading skills.
  • 4) The art of taking notes.
  • 5) Becoming a critical thinker.
  • 6) Completing assignments.
  • 7) Finding a mentor.
  • 8) Preparing for tests and examinations.
  • 9) Overcoming daily hassles.
  • 10) Dealing with disappointments.
  • 11) Managing your stress and test anxiety.
  • 12) Staying physically healthy.
  • 13) Roommate management.
  • 14) Campus romances.
  • 15) Financial matters.

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