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Grundfos SQFLEX 2.5-2n Solar Pump

Grundfos SQFLEX 2.5-2n Solar Pump

This is the GRUNDFOS SQFLEX 2.5-2N Solar Pump. It comes Modules and Controller, Accessories.

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A range of four models of helical rotor pumps for high heads and low flows (suitable for 3” boreholes) and six models of centrifugal pumps for low heads and high flows (suitable for 4” boreholes) are offered with stainless steel used extensively in construction for both pump designs. Pump model selection is determined by the duty requirement.

Weight: 10.0 Kg

Dimensions: 20 x 1247 x 74 mm

Power: 1400W

Application: Used extensively in construction

Feature: Powered by either DC or AC voltage

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Davis & Shirtliff is a leading renewable energy company, with a presence in Zambia and other African countries. Sourced from international manufacturers, their renewable energy products include solar panels, water heaters and pumps, wind generators, lighting, batteries, inverters and controllers.