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Duck Legs

Duck Legs

Free range international quality duck legs, they taste great braised in rich sauces, slow cooked or turned into a confit. Perfect for a special meal, or when entertaining guests for a dinner party.
K95 per kg

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Specific cuts and bird sizes can be produced on demand by contacting the farm. We also remind you that we sell a broad selection of products. All of which are produced on the farm so quality is assured

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Kalimba Reptile Park
Duck and Fish Farming
Kalimba Reptile Park specialises in free range Pekin Duck and the indigenous species Tilapia (Bream). The ducks are free range from incubation to final product and the fish farming is critical for the conservation of Tilapia (Bream) which is under threat in Zambia. Kalimba supplies high quality Pekin Duck to restaurants and hotels and is a commercial supplier of parent stock Tilapia.