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Sausage machine - FreddyPro™ patented technology

Sausage machine - FreddyPro™ patented technology

Sausage Making Machine

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  • Can make all sausage types including: Droewors, Chipolata, Cheese griller, Russian, Boerewors, Braaiwors, Mid-Tier,
  • Grills, braais, fries and boils perfectly.
  • Less gel for a tender bite, more gel for extra strength.
  • Consistent quality: Through our perfect patented range of casings.
  • Perfect casing: Perfect portion control, perfect range calibre, perfect weight.
  • Reduced cost: On end-product as per Co-Ex Calculator.
  • Environmentally friendly: Plant-based casing.


  • Worldwide patent incorporates the machine plus the ingredients plus the gel. its an end-to-end solution.
  • Illegal for copycats to infringe on our patents.
  • Gel security: The FreddyPro™ will not operate with foreign gel.
  • Contract must be signed to ensure that no patents are infringed on while you enjoy the benefit of the technology.
  • Validate the gel percentage! The operator must check on this for each product.
  • Food Safety: This is enhanced through minimal product handling and plant based casing versus natural casing
  • Environmentally Friendly: Less energy, less waste.
  • Footprint: The FreddyPro™ and your Filler will only take up a total of 8 square metres.

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