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 Golden Goodness  Tasty Soya Pieces  25 X 400g

Golden Goodness Tasty Soya Pieces 25 X 400g

Delicious high protein, soy-based meat equivalent products that makes the healthy eating taste so good. 100% Vegetarian in a 12 Serving Family Pack to create your own recipe! Seba's Vegetarian Soya Nyama Golden Goodness Tasty Soya Pieces 25 X 400g
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Texturized Tasty Soya Pieces; High in protein, Soya based meat equivalent products. Family pack - Make your own flavouring!

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Further information

Made from cooked soya flour, is high in protein making it nutritious food for adults and growing children.

  • Reference: GGTSP400
  • Size Options: 400g
  • Ingredients: Textured Soya Protein
  • Allergens: Soyabean

Sold as wholesale only - 1 packet of 400g each

Nutrition Facts:

Energy (kJ)

  • 421.24 (per 33g)
  • 1,278 (per 100g)

Protein (g)

  • 14.30 (per 33g)
  • 43.3 (per 100g)

Carbohydrates (g) -

  • 4.82(per 33g)
  • 14.6 (per 100g)
  • 2.38 (per 33g) - of which total sugar
  • 7.3 (per 100g) - of which total sugar

Total Fat (g)

  • 2.28 (per 33g)
  • 6.9 ( per 100g)

Saturated fat (g)

  • 0.43 (per 33g)
  • 1.3 (per 100g)

Mono-Unsaturated Fat (g)

  • 0.43 (per 33g)
  • 1.3 (per 100g)

Polyunsaturated Fat (g)

  • 1.42 (per 33g)
  • 4.3 (per 100g)

Total Dietary Fiber (g)

  • 6.63 (per 33g)
  • 20.1 (100g)

Sodium (g)

  • 0.31 (per 33g)
  • 0.62 (per 100g)


  • a Proudly Zambian product
  • 100% Veg
  • Non-GMO
  • Zambia Halaal Certified (ZAMHA)

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