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Trojan Solar SAGM 12 205 Deep-Cycle Solar AGM

Trojan Solar SAGM 12 205 Deep-Cycle Solar AGM

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Suitable for all applications and industries like Telecommunications, Process Control, Power Stations, Solar & Wind, UPS, Railway Systems, Backup Power Systems, Emergency Lighting, Streetlights, Fire & Security Systems, Cell Towers, Hospitals, Banks, Computer Centres

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Features of an AGM battery:

  • Sealed with special compound epoxy and using pressure controlled vent valves.
  • Electrolyte acid is absorbed in special glass mat separators to prevent electrolyte acid leaking or evaporating.
  • No spilling - can be operated in any position. However, upside-down installation is not recommended.
  • Using a recombination reaction to prevent hydrogen and oxygen gases escaping and make this two gases into water, which can keep acid water in same level.
  • Maintenance free. No need to add water like flooded battery.

VRLA AGM battery uses recombinant technology. The oxygen produced from the positive plates of the battery is absorbed by the negative plates. This suppresses the generation of hydrogen at the negative plates. The recombination of oxygen and hydrogen leads to Water, retaining the electrolyte amount within the battery. Water re-filling is never required.

The advantage of AGM battery

Maintenance free

When battery is charging, hydrogen would be absorbed and reversed to electrolyte by plates. It doesn't need to refill water and balanced charge, which makes maintenance free.

Flexible installation

AGM separator keep electrolyte absorbed in glass mat and still. Battery can be used or positioned in any orientation.

Extremely safe

When excessive gas production by inappropriate charging occurs, safety valves will automatically emit the gas to prevent battery cracked.

Long standby life, Better cycle performance

Anti-corrosion lead-calcium alloy plate provides longer float charging life. AGM separator can trap electrolyte and prevent active materials on positive plate dropping at the same time. Moreover, it gives better deep discharge cycle performance.

Longer shelf life

Special lead-calcium alloy plates make lower self-discharge for longer shelf life.

High rate performance

Low inner resistance allows higher discharging and charging current for better performance in high rate application

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