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Low fat soya meal LF 60 - 50kg

Low fat soya meal LF 60 - 50kg

A good source of energy, protein, linoleic acid, vitamin E and lecithin. This makes it a very valuable feed ingredient.

Further information

Crude Protein(minimum): 42%

Moisture(maximum): 12%

Fat(Maximum): 8%

Potential benefits of soybeans in livestock diets:

  • Soybeans are especially valuable when they can replace soybean meal and fat in feeding situations that require high energy levels.
  • When adequate dietary energy levels can be reached without fat, soybeans have to compete with grain energy and will be worth less than when they compete with fat sources.
  • If the animals being fed are already performing at their genetic potential, extra energy from soybeans will not give a growth response but should improve feed efficiency.
  • Properly roasted soybeans can be used as a source of UIP (bypass protein) for ruminants. This lowers the need for less palatable protein sources such as meat meal and blood meal. Using beans as a concentrated energy source and as a replacement for high-cost animal source proteins will maximize their dollar value in a diet.
  • The oil in soybeans helps to reduce dust levels in ground rations.

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