NexGard Chewable Tablet for Dogs 25,1-50kg

NexGard Chewable Tablet for Dogs 25,1-50kg

NexGard is a tasty chewable tablet for dogs which kills fleas and ticks by over-stimulating their nervous system. The active ingredient in NexGard is afoxolaner. The afoxolaner is absorbed into the bloodstream after taking the chewable tablet. Fleas and ticks attach to your dog and begin to feed. As a result, they are exposed to the active ingredient and the effect occurs within 8 hours (fleas) to 48 hours (ticks). The effect against fleas will last 5 weeks, and the effect against ticks lasts 4 weeks. Because NexGard is an oral product, swimming or bathing has no effect on NexGard.

Further information

NexGard chewable tablets should be administered according to the following table:


Hond 2-4 kg 1 tablet NexGard 11 mg

Hond 4-10 kg 1 tablet NexGard 28 mg

Hond 10-25 kg 1 tablet NexGard 68 mg

Hond 25-50 kg 1 tablet NexGard 136 mg

The chewable tablets should not be divided. For dogs above the 50 kg a combination of two tablets should be used to fit the body weight.

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