Daiwa Megaforce Fishing Rod

Daiwa Megaforce Fishing Rod

Multi part and high quality travel rods in a very attractive price range! Travel rods are very trendy, and these short split rods can be stowed away during a fishing trip in a space saving way. Expensive and unwieldy rod transport tubes can therefore be dispensed with. Through the use of pin connectors, Megaforce Travel rods have a very even bending curve, which hardly differs from that of a two part rod, if at all. These light and thin carbon fiber rods are equipped with a cork and EVA hand part, and sit very comfortablly and well balanced in the hand. The different lengths and casting weights of the Travel Spin models offer suitable rods for lighter fishing for perch and trout, up to rods for heavier pike and zander fishing. For coastal fishing for sea trout, sea bass or garfish over long distances, there is a model with a length of 3 meters (9.84 feet) and a fivefold pitch.

Further information

Length: 2.25 meters / 7.38 feet

Casting Weight: 7 to 25 grams / 0.25 to 0.88 ounces

Transport length: 62 centimeters / 24.4 inches

Parts: 4, Guides: 7

Weight: 120 grams / 0.26 pounds

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