Chibwantu  Fermented  Maize Drink 12x500ml

Chibwantu Fermented Maize Drink 12x500ml

Traditional Beverage Fermented Maize Drink Seba's Chibwantu - 12x500ml... A fermented maize drink that is a staple in the traditional Zambian diet, contains plenty of health-promoting bacteria known as probiotics, essential for healthy digestion and overall well-being. To most people, bacteria are synonymous with the disease but there are also good bacteria out there.
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Flavonoids in rhynchosia roots used to make chibwantu have powerful anti cancer activity, counter heart disease, and possess anti oxidative properties with a high capacity to scavenge harmful radicals that cause disease and damage cells.

Sold as wholesale only - 12 bottles of 500ml each

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