Fresh Tilapia Whole Round - 10kg

Fresh Tilapia Whole Round - 10kg

Yalelo tilapia do not eat mud, waste or algae that can be found at the bottom of fish ponds because the fish eat only the high-quality balanced diet we provide them there’s no mystery about what is on your plate. Using only the best local fish food keeps our fish healthy and gives a great clean taste!
Size Range400-700g
Unit Barcode16009881122284
Case Configuration 10kg
Shelf Life3-4 Days

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Nutrition and Recipes
Tilapia is an excellent part of a healthy diet. Yalelo’s professional local production is lowering the cost of tilapia, making fish protein more affordable and presenting a strong value proposition relative to chicken, pork and beef. Yalelo fish enjoy a plant-based diet of local Zambian soy, maize and wheat.