Microcentrifuge Tube  Clear Conical Lock Cap Nest 06ml

Microcentrifuge Tube Clear Conical Lock Cap Nest 06ml

Domed cap .6ml individual PCR reaction tubes, you can perform PCR assays without the risk of cross-contamination. that These sterile PCR tubes adhere to international quality standards. They have thin walls with smooth and uniform surfaces.

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Technical Features:

  • Made from high-quality virgin polypropylene.
  • They are free of detectable RNase, DNase, heavy metals, human DNA, and non-pyrogenic.
  • You can autoclave them at 121°C.
  • Clear graduation marks to measure volumes accurately.
  • Dome-shaped attached caps with excellent sealing capability.
  • A lower risk of cross-contamination during transfers and storage.
  • Easy labeling on etched PCR reaction tubes caps and hinges.
  • Highly transparent wall for easy sample identification.
  • Thin and uniform walls ensure efficient and homogenous heat transfer.

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