Individual Departure from Check-In to the Gate

Individual Departure from Check-In to the Gate

As a ground handling company, NAC2000 provides assistance to passengers throughout the departure process, ensuring a smooth transition from check-in to the gate at airports in Zambia.
Updated 11 Jun 2023

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While the specific procedures may vary depending on the airport and airline, here is a general description of the departure process that NAC2000 may facilitate:

Check-In: Passengers can approach the designated check-in counters for their airline, where NAC2000 staff members will be present to assist. The staff will guide passengers through the check-in process, including baggage drop-off and issuing boarding passes.

Security Screening: After check-in, passengers will proceed to the security screening area. NAC2000 staff may be present to provide guidance and ensure the process is efficient. Passengers will go through security checks, including the screening of carry-on luggage and personal belongings.

Departure Lounge: Once through security, passengers will enter the departure lounge. NAC2000 staff may be available within the lounge to assist passengers with any inquiries or special requirements. They can provide information about facilities, services, and amenities within the terminal.

Boarding Gate: As the departure time approaches, passengers will be directed to the appropriate boarding gate. NAC2000 staff will guide passengers and ensure a smooth transition from the departure lounge to the boarding gate area. They will check boarding passes, provide necessary announcements, and assist passengers with any questions or concerns.

Boarding Process: When boarding commences, NAC2000 staff will facilitate the boarding process, ensuring that passengers board the aircraft in an organized manner. They may coordinate with the airline staff to manage the boarding queues, assist with any special needs, and ensure a seamless transition from the gate to the aircraft.

It's important to note that the specific procedures and services provided by NAC2000 may differ based on the airline and airport requirements. Additionally, NAC2000's services may extend beyond the aforementioned steps, offering additional assistance such as VIP services or handling specific requests for passengers. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information about NAC2000's ground handling services and the departure process at specific airports in Zambia, it is advisable to contact NAC2000 directly or consult their official website.

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