Uzkon La 887

Uzkon La 887

Elevate Your Shotgun Experience with the Uzkon LA 887 12 Gauge - Unmatched Performance and Reliability!

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Introducing the Uzkon LA 887 12 Gauge shotgun, a versatile and dependable firearm engineered to meet the demands of both hunters and shooting enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and loaded with features, this shotgun is designed to deliver consistent performance in every shot.

Key Features:

  • Gauge: 12 Gauge for powerful and versatile shooting.
  • Action: Semi-automatic action for rapid and reliable cycling.
  • Durable Construction: Synthetic stock and corrosion-resistant barrel for longevity.
  • Interchangeable Chokes: Customize your shot pattern.
  • Picatinny Rail: Top-mounted rail for optics and accessories.
  • Fiber Optic Front Sight: Enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Extended Magazine Tube: Increased round capacity for fewer reloads.
  • Recoil Management: Designed for reduced recoil for better follow-up shots.
  • Safety Mechanism: Manual safety for added security.
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable and ergonomic for extended shooting sessions.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for hunting and sports shooting.
  • Reliability: Engineered for consistent and dependable performance.

1. 12 Gauge Powerhouse: The Uzkon LA 887 is chambered for the potent 12 gauge, ensuring that you have the firepower you need for various shooting applications, from hunting to clay sports.

2. Semi-Automatic Action: With its semi-automatic action, the LA 887 allows for rapid follow-up shots, making it ideal for hunting moving targets or tackling multiple clay pigeons.

3. Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of the field, this shotgun features a rugged construction with a durable synthetic stock and a corrosion-resistant barrel, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh conditions.

4. Interchangeable Chokes: The shotgun comes with interchangeable chokes, allowing you to tailor your shot pattern for different game or targets. Adapt to your shooting needs with ease.

5. Picatinny Rail: The top-mounted Picatinny rail provides a secure platform for mounting optics, making it simple to add scopes or red dot sights for improved accuracy and target acquisition.

6. Fiber Optic Front Sight: Equipped with a fiber optic front sight, the LA 887 offers enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring you can take your shot with precision at any time of day.

7. Extended Magazine Tube: Featuring an extended magazine tube, this shotgun offers an increased round capacity, reducing the need for frequent reloading during intense shooting sessions.

8. Recoil Management: The Uzkon LA 887 is designed with recoil management in mind, helping you stay on target for quick and accurate follow-up shots, even with heavy loads.

9. Safety First: It includes a manual safety mechanism for added peace of mind, preventing accidental discharges and enhancing overall safety during handling.

10. Versatile Applications: Whether you're a hunter looking for a reliable field companion or a sports shooter seeking a competition-ready firearm, the Uzkon LA 887 is a versatile choice that excels in various scenarios.

11. Ergonomic Design: The shotgun's ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and natural shooting posture, reducing fatigue during extended shooting sessions.

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