Nitram Clearing and Forwarding
Nitram Clearing and Forwarding
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Providers of temporary storage and movement of imported goods

Bonded warehousing is a solution for long-term storage and deferring duties until your cargo leaves the warehouse. You may want to store your goods until there is an increase in demand for the goods or wait for the best moment to start selling.

Using Nitram Clearing and Forwarding to facilitate warehousing means you do not need to arrange import clearance for all your goods at once. This is especially convenient for slow-moving items such as spare parts or high-value goods.

45 BC, Chester House, Cairo Road, Lusaka, Zambia
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Providers of temporary storage and movement of imported goods
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Nitram Clearing and Forwarding
Freight forwarding and customs clearing
Bonded warehousing
Import & export
Trucking and commercial distribution
Nitram Clearing and Forwarding provides a comprehensive range of logistics services - freight forwarding and customs clearing, trucking and commercial distribution, bonded warehousing, and management of exports and transit cargo. This company is a perfect fit for any business requiring the transfer of goods and equipment within the country or around the globe. Whether you're a general trader or a company in the manufacturing or mining sector, choose Nitram for all your logistics needs. It is rated among the best clearing and forwarding companies in Zambia.