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over 1 year ago

Yoni products now available in stock!

Our Yoni Pure range is back in stock and available online only Yoni Pure's mission is to empower women to radically improve their personal wellbeing and reproductive health with our natural personal products.

Shop the full range at the link:

- Yoni Steam - K149 Detox, Tighten and Strengthen the Uterus

- Yoni Detox Pearls - K29 Reduce infections and improve odour

- Yoni Tightening Capsules - K29 Nourish and Tighten the Vagina

- Yoni Natural Herbal Wash - K120 Refresh and Soothe Menstrual Sensitivity

- Yoni Tightening Gel - K45 Increase Elasticity and Improve Moisture

Yoni products now available in stock!
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Umoyo Natural Health was established in 2007 and has grown into a well-known and highly regarded supplier of natural health products in Zambia. The company sources high quality health products from all over the world, offering them for sale at their many Health Shops around Zambia. Staff undergo regular product training sessions enabling them to respond to clients' questions and recommend suitable products. Umoyo is passionate about health and looks forward to serving you!