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Get rid of sleepless nights with Memory Foam

We have always heard people complain about sleepless nights - but fortunately, we can't say we've had sleepless nights!

With memory foam, sleepless nights are no more!

Dream platinum 10”sets

Single - K4,100

Three quarter - K4,800

Double - K6,450

Queen - K8,100

King- K9,500

Dream Gold 10” sets

Single- K4,050

Three quarter- K4,500

Double - K6,100

Queen - K7,350

King - K8,900

Dream silver 8” sets

Single - K3,450

Three quarter - K4,100

Double - K5,500

Queen - K7,150

King - K8,150

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Get rid of sleepless nights with Memory Foam
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Incorporated in the Zambian market since April 1998, Foam King is one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers of quality bed bases, mattresses, couches, wardrobes, cushions, pillows, bed sheets and custom made products. The company supplies its products to a broad range of industries. In their quest for diversity, Foam King launched a wholly owned subsidiary- Polyking in 2014, a company that specialises in the production of superior quality HDPE and PVC pipes for the construction, agricultural and manufacturing industry in Zambia.