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Post Extraction Instructions by Jones Chilando

1. Bite on the cotton wool for 30 minutes

2. Do not suck, spit, or pass your tongue or finger on the extraction site

3. Do not rinse your mouth vigorously or drink through a straw for 24 hrs

4. Avoid alcoholic beverages or mouthwash containing alcohol for 24hrs

5. Do not clean the teeth next to the healing socket for the rest of the day

6. Limit strenuous exercises for 24hrs after extraction

7. Drink a lot of liquids and stay on a soft diet for at least 2 days

8. Avoid hot foods or drinks and do not eat from the extraction site for 24hrs

9. The day after the extraction, gently rinse with warm salt water at least twice daily for 3 days.

Post Extraction Instructions by Jones Chilando
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