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An easy way to rid your maize fields of grassy weeds

Try our three-element compound broad spectrum herbicide *TORNADO 30%OD* 🌪️ to sweep all those undesirable broadleaf & grassy weeds out of your maize field to guarantee you a quality crop.


- It's a post-emergence herbicide used in Maize.

- It has a long-lasting effect without harming the desired crop.

- It has a fast herbicidal speed to quickly go to work.


- Its three-element active ingredient compound guarantees you a broad spectrum approach to controlling broadleaf and grassy weeds.

** *Atrazine 20%* - provides a systemic selective control on annual grasses and broadleaf weeds before they even emerge in your maize field & protect your soil from erosion.

** *Nicosulfuron 3%*- will give a post-emergence selective control on broadleaf and grassy weeds while they are still in their seedling stage.

**Mesotrion* 7% - works fast to give you that contact & residual action on broadleaf and grassy weeds.

- All you'll need is 150mls in a knapsack & 1.5mls for a hectare to sort out those ludicrous weeds 🌿 & so much in a litre👌👍.

An easy way to rid your maize fields of grassy weeds
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