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Introducing the new harvey thatch

A Harvey thatch tiles has alot of advantages over the Grass thatch.

1. Maintenance-free - Where the Grass thatch requires combing and repairing every after two years which is costly in the long run. HARVEY THATCH is completely maintenance-free.

2. Superior Fire resistant- Natural thatch poses a significant fire risk to owners and occupants. While a HARVEY THATCH gives complete piece of mind as fire risk is reduced. Harvey Thatch is certified with an A fire rating, and the highest roof material fire resistance as tested to the SANS 10177-12 standard.

3. Lightning Safe - Harvey Thatch's non - combustible, fire-resistant properties ensure that your roof is in the event of a lightning strike. It eliminates the need for costly & unsightly lightning poles on your property.

4. Harvey thatch - is Vermin, Birds & Pest proof

5. 20-year warranty- Harvey thatch eliminates all these natural problems with grass thatch with a durable, water, and airtight solution.

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Introducing the new harvey thatch
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Since 1967, Harvey Products has been manufacturing steel roofing tiles and accessories. They offer steel based, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly roofing tiles with a 30-year warranty. These lightweight roofing tiles allow a 40% saving on wooden trusses because they are eight times lighter than concrete or clay tiles. This makes them very popular with the construction industry. The team will advise on what type of roofing tiles is best for your specific building needs.