Finecop Zambia
Finecop Zambia
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Industry & Mining, Agriculture & Domestic Pumps

Finecop Zambia sells top-notch Tormac pumps as well as other machinery, such as riser pipes made of uPVC, submersible cables, control boxes, and panels, as well as submersible motors, centrifugal pumps, and 6' and 8' cast-iron submersible pumps.

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Industry & Mining, Agriculture & Domestic Pumps
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Finecop Zambia
Pumps & equipment
Solar & Renewable
Finecop Zambia was incorporated in the year 2013 to fulfill the demands of the Zambian pump market by providing quality products at economical prices. The company is involved in the sales and distribution of water pumping systems, solar pumping systems, solar electrification, power backup systems, electric motors, industrial valves, weighing scales and truck weighing systems. Products are used in various applications like irrigation, domestic use, civil construction, dewatering, and all solar needs. Finecop supplies products from world-renowned brands like Tormac, Genvik, V-Guard solar products, ELGi air compressors, ABB drives, and panels.