Out-Resource Business Support Ltd (ORBS)
Out-Resource Business Support Ltd (ORBS)
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Business Advisory/Corporate Governance & Compliance

With an experienced team of consultants, Out-Resource Business Support (ORBS) provides support that helps your business achieve its long-term objectives. The company will evaluate and develop recommendations for current and future implementations that will guide your business to success. This company also provides support for the day-to-day operations of your business, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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Business Advisory/Corporate Governance & Compliance
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Out-Resource Business Support Ltd (ORBS)
Business technology solutions
Business Advisory/Corporate Governance & Compliance
Human Resource & Payroll Support
Financial Accounting and Tax Management
Out-Resource Business Support (ORBS) understands what it takes to manage a business. It is a multi-disciplinary company whose aim is to provide its clients with an all-inclusive support service covering business advisory, corporate governance and compliance, financial accounting and tax management, human resource and payroll as well as business technology solutions. This business model ensures that clients experience a journey of long-term success and innovative results that are customised to their business needs.