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IMEX Elite Standard Ltd
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Here's a chance to invest in a Lilayi property

Whilst it is envisaged that many people will purchase IMEX properties for self-occupation, these developments offer a great opportunity for investment. For example, a house within the Eden Villas gated complex can provide a good return on investment if rented out after purchase. The Lilayi area, and Eureka Park specifically, has grown into a highly desirable residential area, in terms of land and rental values. This is due to the exclusivity aspect that

Black Pearl Zambia, Kafue Road, Sandy's Creations Complex, Lusaka, Zambia
Here's a chance to invest in a Lilayi property
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IMEX Elite Standard Ltd
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IMEX is a property development company that has been operating in Zambia since 2016. It focuses on establishing enhanced modern housing properties that suit those looking for a healthy life style environment. You'll find IMEX's first gated housing community, Eden Villas, at Eureka Park in Lilayi, a few kilometres south of Lusaka. This exclusive development is designed to meet the needs of modern discerning home owners, with individual private swimming pools and communal gym, spa and club house.