Kubu Crafts
Kubu Crafts
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12 months ago

Furniture manufacturers and retailers

Kubu Crafts is a cutting-edge studio with advanced woodworking equipment that guarantees a constant level of quality. The team has a wide selection of ready-to-buy goods on the shop floors and can successfully complete special requests and deadlines.

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Furniture manufacturers and retailers
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Kubu Crafts
Office furniture
Furniture manufacturers and retailers
Gift shops & Souvenirs
Kubu Crafts are manufacturers and retailers of fine furniture for homes, businesses, lodges and hotels. They also stock an interesting range of arts, crafts and artifacts by African artisans - to add a touch of African flare to any space. Kubu Crafts is also a great stop for perfect gifts and souvenirs. You can visit their outlet in Livingstone and their concept store at Pinnacle Mall in Lusaka.