Springfields School of Education
Springfields School of Education
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11 months ago

Remarkable Student Showcases Shine at Springfields Science Fair

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”

Springfields recently organized an awe-inspiring science fair, where the halls reverberated with the enthusiastic buzz of intellectual curiosity and innovative ideas. The event provided a remarkable platform for students to exhibit their brilliant and captivating showcases, leaving attendees in awe of their exceptional talents.

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Remarkable Student Showcases Shine at Springfields Science Fair
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Springfields School of Education is a reputed private, coeducational day school in the heart of Lusaka offering Zambian & Cambridge curriculum to the multicultural student population across the region since 1999. Springfields is a British Council partner school & CAIE Examination Centre offering IGCSE & GCE A Level for Year 10- Year 13. A team of highly qualified, experienced, long serving and dedicated teaching faculty is the backbone of the institute.