Mukuba Pension Trust
Mukuba Pension Trust
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11 months ago

Explore pension options by Mukuba Pension Trust

This pension plan is typically for employees with permanent and pensionable conditions of employment. A specific formula is utilized to define the pension package and determine the pension at retirement. The retirement benefits under this plan are determined by your pay and the length of time you have made contributions. This program, however, is currently focused on providing services to the current program participants who joined before it was closed off to new entries and signings.

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Explore pension options by Mukuba Pension Trust
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Mukuba Pension Trust
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Founded in 1982, Mukuba Pension Trust is the leader and the oldest occupational pension scheme in Zambia providing a fresh and innovative approach to pension services. Their goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value. Mukuba Pension Trust also offers commercial property for rent and a variety of investment products with high returns in short, medium and long term investments strategies.